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  1. I’m away on holiday without access to my score at present - but I’m pretty sure this is the ‘Folk Tune’ from Three Pieces by Harold Greenhill. It certainly sounds familiar! Tim
  2. Thanks for the recommendations - I've got volumes 5 and 6 and I'll have a look at these. I think we've also got Hymns Amazing at church, so will search the Nixon piece out also.
  3. I've just received his 5th Sonata and the Sonata Giocosa in the post, having bought them in an EBay auction. At first sight they look to be somewhat technically easier than the Sonata in G minor or the Sonata No.3 - both of which look rather technically formidable!
  4. Have these appeared there yet? I can't see anything in the recent uploads section, and would be most interested to see more!
  5. I have a couple of these volumes - the Autumn Festivals volume will soon prove a useful resource. I think I may order this one on the merits of Martin's recommendation - and do keep them coming!
  6. The 3 manual Hunter instrument at Christ Church Woking was dismantled and shipped to Germany at the end of last year. Sadly at Woking they had little or no interest in the instrument at all, and it was only through a modest income from organ recitals that enabled it to be tuned occasionally. It had been rapidly deteriorating for some time, so it is heartening that it will be restored (I believe, retaining the tubular pneumatic action) and rebuilt over there. Strangely, it was completely omitted from the list of the larger Hunter instruments in the recent article in Organists Review.
  7. By chance, I ordered the pieces by Ernest Pritchard around the same time as Paul. I haven't yet had a play through them properly, but they look to be good pieces. The works by Arthur Pritchard are also worth getting hold of - Elegy, Fancy and Four Diversions are also pleasant works which make good voluntaries or lighter items for a recital. There is such a wealth of English organ music from this period which is so often overlooked and is well worth exploring.
  8. I am certainly interested in getting the Edwards Contemplation piece - can the IAO journal be ordered from anywhere online? Paul - if you can point me in the direction of where I can purchase the Fantasy-Prelude and the Walter Vale pieces from that would be great. Kind regards Tim
  9. I'm not certain that any of the pipework dates from the original organ. I regularly practiced on this instrument (in it's previous form) when I was a teenager. I seem to remember that the original organ was formed around an instrument by Gray and Davison, later additions by Goll of Lucerne and then rebuilt with a new console in 1949 by Hill, Norman and Beard. The organ had been moved three times to various places in the cathedral (I may be able to upload from photos taken of the organ in its various places). When I knew it, the spec was (as far as I recall): Great: Bdn 16, Open I 8, Open II 8, Prin 4, 12th 2 2/3, 15th 2 Swell: Open 8, Lieb 8, Echo Viol 8, Celeste 8, Octave Geigen 4, Fifteenth 2, Mixt III, Contra Oboe 16, Trumpet 8 Choir: Lieb 8, Dulc 8, Gemshorn 4, Piccolo 2, Orchestral Clarinet 8, Tromba 8 (enclosed) Ped: Open Bass 16, Bass Viole 16, Bourdon 16, Principal 8, Bass Flute 8, Trombone 16 There may have also been a mutation on the Choir and Mixture on the Great. I haven't played the organ in it's latest form, however!
  10. There is a very fine Conacher at St.Mary's in Frittenden, Kent, moved a few years ago from the south chancel to the north aisle. Details here.
  11. I'd always wondered this too, but have heard it rhyme with 'see' more often.
  12. timothyguntrip

    Henri Mulet

    Sorry to bump up an old thread - I was wondering if any members would still have these pieces they would be willing to share with me? My membership pre-dated the offer and I gather that the original poster is no longer a member of this forum. Many thanks in advance. Timothy
  13. I will look this one up - it appears to be available as an OUP reprint, along with a Toccata and some sets of Chorale Preludes. Having dug out the 'Christ's Hospital Papers' by Nicholas Plumley last night, from a large collection of books I came into possession to from the estate of late organ builder, Brian Bunting - it would seem that a lot of Lang's organ music was published after his tenure at CHH. On another note (and perhaps a seed for a new thread) - have there ever been any recordings made of the chapel organ at Horsham? Many of the registrations in the organ pieces allude to that instrument, particularly in the Sonata. Despite living not too far from Horsham, I've never heard the organ in the flesh. I'm pretty sure our hosts did some work on it some time ago in the 1980s. Tim
  14. Most of us are probably familiar with his famous Tuba Tune and the Epiphany carol 'Eastern Sages, Monarchs Three', which have enjoyed enduring popularity. Amongst my organ music collection, I have the following: Prelude, Pastorale and Fugue Sonata in D minor (very lengthy - 50 pages!) Prelude and Fugue in G minor Introduction and Passacaglia in A minor Fugue Trilogy on E.G.B. Procession (in one of the Oxford Albums) As far as I can tell, only one of the above has ever been recorded (the Fugue Trilogy, at St Mary Redcliffe by a previous member of this board). It is a shame, as there is certainly more than enough music to fill a couple of discs. Have any other board members experience of playing any of the above, or others of Lang's works? They seem nicely written, and on the whole technically approachable. Kind regards Tim
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