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  1. Caleb Simper

    In my last month as organist to a hospital chapel near Tunbridge Wells, I did a bit of clearing up in the organ loft and found a volume by Simper amongst a pile of music underneath one of the tiered choir stalls up there. It had probably sat down there for about 40 years (judging by dates written on the music). I left it there but next time I am back there I will have a look in it to see if this piece in contained therein. The British library might be worth a try in the meantime. Tim
  2. Christopher Tambling

    Martin, I believe that most of these pieces were republished in 'An Organ Miscellany'. I will need to check but I'm pretty sure I have the Tambling book too. Will check for you. Tim
  3. Appointments 2

    Claudia Grinnell (currently OS at Salisbury) to be Assistant Organist at Winchester.
  4. James Dalton RIP

    Also with sadness to report that a former contributor to these pages, Lee Blick (as he was known here) passed away in late March following an illness. Vox
  5. Appointments 2

    Marcus Wibberley to St.George's Beckenham.
  6. Luxuriant Adagio

    Where can I get the Choveaux piece from, Martin?
  7. Luxuriant Adagio

    A few more which might fit the description (if perhaps slightly off the beaten track): Augustin Barié - Adagio from Symphony, Op.5 Charles Callahan - Prelude on 'Union Seminary' (Listen here) John Ireland - Elegiac Romance Léonce de Saint Martin - Aria (II) or Prière (IV) from Symphonie-Dominicale Eugène Reuchsel - Recueillement et Béatitude from Six Pièces de Concert Henri Mulet - In Paradisum from Esquisses Byzantines All the above are available to listen to on Spotify. As for Guilmant, there are some lovely slow movements in the 6th, 7th and 8th Sonatas (particularly the second movement of the last) which are often overlooked. Tim
  8. Luxuriant Adagio

    The Adagio from the Suite by Jean Berveiller is pretty sensuous. Tim
  9. Firmin Swinnen - Aria

    Can anyone point me in the direction of the music for this piece? I think it was part of the St.Cecilia series by H.W. Gray. ​Swinnen was a Belgian, who was an organist at Antwerp Cathedral, before moving to the UK, and finally the USA where he was a noted liturgical and theatre organist. He was also organist-in-residence at the Longwood Gardens estate for over thirty years. ​Some of his music is available in reprints from Michael's Music Service, but I've hit a brick wall with the above. If anyone has an unwanted copy lying about, I'd be happy to give it a new home! ​Kind regards to all ​Tim
  10. Background noise at recitals

    Noisy tourists are often a problem at Southwark Cathedral - in addition to the trains passing by! Tim
  11. New Music

    Not necessarily new publications, but I've just bought the Jean Berveiller Suite / Cadence, Alain Scherzo and the collection 'L'Orgue et la Danse'. And recently from ebay: Three Pieces (Betteridge) Rondo alla Campanella (Karg-Elert) Three Pieces (Willan) Pavane (Elmore) Toccata 'Now Thank We All Our God' (Hovland) The Cathedral Organist (if only for the wonderful Dearnley prelude on 'Dominus Regit Me') Quite enough to be going on with for a while. A keen collector of organ scores, my list of items to source finally seems to be getting gradually shorter. Tim
  12. Strange notices, signs, or tuning book comments?

    There is a small plaque on the organ at St.John's Church in Groombridge (just outside Tunbridge Wells) which reads: "Members of the congregation found interfering with this organ will be severely reprimanded and forbidden to practice with the choristers. Reverend T. Hardie Fallus, Rector of Brenton, November 1871". Some internet research has shown that quite a few of these plaques exist here and there, although some people have taken this a bit seriously, such as here. Tim
  13. Ernest Bullock

    I too would be interested in looking at this. There's a nice recording of this work from Exeter Cathedral by Paul Morgan. Tim
  14. Organistes Titulaires

    Of course, there were four titulaires at NDdeP - until the unfortunate demise of Yves Devernay many years ago. Timothy
  15. Organ Music and Rivers

    There's a great transcription of Smetana's 'Vltava' too. Timothy Guntrip