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  1. A fascinating hour long interview with James Lancelot can be found here https://www.premierchristianradio.com/Shows/Weekday/Easter-Holiday/Episodes/James-Lancelot-in-Conversation
  2. Luxuriant Adagio

    "The Peace may be exchanged" from Rubrics by Dan Locklair.
  3. Appointments 2

    Durham now advertising: https://www.durhamcathedral.co.uk/beinvolved/employment/master-of-choristers-and-organist
  4. Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford

    Having had a post-Christmas trip to Oxford today, I concluded with Choral Evensong sung by the Cathedral Singers at Christ Church. However a digital organ is in situ. The most I could glean from the steward was that it's been in place since mid-December as the Rieger is 'broken'. Anyone know any more?
  5. All of Bach

    Forgive me if this has been posted previously, but the website http://allofbach.com/en/ is gradually cataloging performances of all of J.S.Bach's works, and among the music already available is quite a bit of organ music, not just video performances but background notes and introductory videos by the performers as well. It is a project of the Netherlands Bach Society. Well worth a look.
  6. Flavour conductor

    http://www.we-heart.com/2014/09/19/the-flavour-conductor-bompas-parr/ John, do tell us more!
  7. Youtube

    This doesn't appear to be available in the UK on YouTube, but can be found at http://concert.arte.tv/fr/documentaire-dans-le-ventre-de-lorgue-de-notre-dame Alongside a 70 minute recital by Olivier Latry, with some spectacular interior aerial shots of the Cathedral. http://concert.arte.tv/fr/olivier-latry-lorgue-cavaille-coll-de-notre-dame-de-paris
  8. Sheet Music on Tablets

    This has been touched on occasionally in discussions but not enough to merit a topic of its own yet, as far as I can tell. I wondered if anyone has gone down the route of scanning all or part of their organ music library and transferring onto tablet so that it can be read (and annotated etc) from the console? I did read an article in "Organists' Review" a couple of years ago by Kevin Bowyer outlining his experiences with Cambron Software's Power Music application, in that instance I think running on a small-form PC with a large 24" LED screen for the music desk. I have experimented with various PDF files played on a 9" iPad screen, and there are, as well as Cambron's iPad version, other apps out there such as 'forScore' and 'unrealBook'; there are various hardware solutions too via bluetooth for facilitating page turns in these apps, should tapping the screen to turn not be viable. The iPad "retina" screen is just about viable to play from- it's clear and sharp enough, though inevitably on the small side, but if you know the music well, it's enough of an aide-memoire to suffice. However for learning, it's still a little fiddly to add annotations or fingering. With the launch of larger tablet screens such as the iPad Pro or the Surface Pro 4, these sizes (with the high resolution and crisp screens) become rather more viable to display music, and with the advent of the bespoke stylus such as the Apple Pencil, it becomes much easier to annotate files, so I have been pondering whether to pursue this a little more seriously. There seems to be less of a move to find a common format for selling sheet music in electronic format, and whilst public domain scores seem to have adopted PDF as the common format, the various proprietary systems set up by publishers and music retailers who have dabbled in selling music as downloads have not found any standardisation yet as far as I can tell. Nor does there seem to be any move by the likes of Amazon to develop music on their Kindle platform. I would for example find it rather useful to have our hymn books on my tablet, both for reference and occasionally to play from on those instruments where the music desk has no clips to hold it open properly, but newly released hymn books seem to be in print version only. One or two of my choir members find holding a heavy modern hymn book hard work, and a tablet/kindle version would be a good solution for them were it available. I simply wondered how many of you had either dabbled in or embraced, partly or totally, the concept of the paperless-console...?
  9. Organistes Titulaires

    Not sure if this has been posted on the board (I thought it had, but can't see it- the news may have reached me via Facebook), but Notre Dame de Paris are recruiting a Titulaire: http://www.notredamedeparis.fr/spip.php?article1975 I don't know if this is No.4 or if one of the existing three is stepping down (possibly Leguay who is now 75?).
  10. Hand-operated Devices For Moving Swell Shades

    I visited Rock yesterday without being aware of this thread, and had to confess the leather belt did have me puzzled and a little intrigued. Photos can be seen here- https://flic.kr/p/xwwxS8 and here https://flic.kr/p/xxyzrb There appears to be a 'traditional' ratchet pedal as well. The front Diapason pipes are tin, including the huge (for a tiny village church) pedal OD. I didn't get a chance to play, but as I'm still nearby, may try and investigate doing so. Is such a system unique, or at least is this the only such system still extant? A friend has just described it as the 'rocking chair of Rock'!
  11. It seems that Handbell ringers have a rather more, err, colourful style of hymn book than singers and organists: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lorenz-Publishing-Company-Handbell-Hymns/dp/B00NA7YH9U/ref=sr_1_111?ie=UTF8&qid=1420670611&sr=8-111&keywords=handbell In the immortal words of Leslie Phillips, "Ding, dong...!"
  12. Kings College on BBC TV

    In a post on Christmas Day on the Facebook Organists' Association group, Doug Tang confirmed the registration here, different between Radio & TV versions: Carols from Kings (TV): Tuba, unison off, octave, solo to pedal... 9LC (Radio): Gt 4' Octave Tromba, Pd 4' Octave Tromba (they're different) and the 4' Schalmei. Nice to have the choice...!
  13. Piano moving- off topic!

    Thank you for all suggestions- I will pass them on to the churchwardens...
  14. Piano moving- off topic!

    Forgive me for a non-organ related topic, but some of you also may have to move pianos for a choir practice and I'd welcome your advice. Before choir practice, I need to move our church upright (fairly modern so not as heavy as some) piano across a stone floor on to a carpeted surface where our Nave altar lives. (Ideally I would like to move it down- yes, down- one step into the chancel as well but I think that's a bridge too far as the step is too big for a ramp) It has fairly decent standard school type casters on it. Upto now, this has been a reasonably straightforward task to undertake singlehanded. The carpet was recently replaced, and now when I move the piano, the metal carpet edging strip buckles and the piano is three times as heavy to push on the carpet, as the pile is slightly thicker, at least until this carpet has had lots of use. Any advice? Are there clever devices out there that some of you might have to assist with piano moving on different surfaces? (Yes I know the obvious answer would be to dispense with the carpet!) We are looking to get a much stronger brass strip that doesn't buckle, but the extra friction on the carpet is making things rather harder. (And if any of you need to move a piano between two levels, it would be good to know if methods other than a ramp or lots of strong choir members are involved!)
  15. Paris - Music Shops?

    Best of these certainly used to be "Flute de Pan" http://www.laflutedepan.com/nos-magasins.html I once found an organ sheet music mecca in what seemed like a large shed in someone's garden near Robinson RER station but I don't think it's been there for some time- don't know if it relocated or simply shut down. La Procure just off Place St Sulpice has mainly liturgical/sacred resources but I have picked up some interesting organ scores there in the past. http://www.laprocure.com/les-librairies-la-procure/procure-paris-59.html