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  1. Hi all, At long last Schott have now published a lot of these, mostly for the Handel organ concertos but most interestingly (from my perspective anyway) his cadenza for the end of the 1st movement of Widor 6. A perusal score is available at: https://en.schott-music.com/shop/pdfviewer/index/readfile/?idx=MjA2MTc1&idy=206175 Cheers, Nick
  2. Guy responded to my mail and has sent me a copy which is great. Looking forward to getting it under the fingers.
  3. Thanks AJJ, I've sent him an email - let's see what happens...
  4. Hi all, I am very interested in looking at these further but am struggling to source a copy. Worldcat lists the publisher details as Portland, Ore. : Hemidemisemiquaver Press, 1984 but thereafter I struggle to find any further details. Would very much appreciate it if any members have any further insight on these. Thanks! Nick
  5. Am late to this party but agree that these pieces are very useful, especially for formulating further ideas to cover the action in a service. NB
  6. Am late to this party but agree that these pieces are very useful, especially for formulating further ideas to cover the action in a service. NB
  7. Agreed the Ben Saunders disc is rather fine. AJJ could you possibly send over details of the anthology the offertorium is in as I'd like to source a copy of that too. Thanks all, Nick
  8. Hi all, I know that there's been a lot of chat on this forum about the above 2 composers in particular. In this respect am pleased to advise that Ascolta Music Publishing appears to have acquired the old Herman Zengerink catalogue which includes a lot of Hendrik Andriessen's works (Chorales 1, 2 & 4, Intermezzi, Aria, 4 studi, Passacaglia, Sinfonia, Sonata da chiesa, Suite, Thema met variaties, Toccata) and 'the' Marius Monnikendam Toccata. Website is currently under construction but if you email info@ascolta.nl Gerald the MD will respond to your request. I've just ordered the Monnik
  9. Thanks all for your responses. Sadly the link to La Flûte de pan appears to work no longer. Will be in Paris soon so will drop in and have a browse as it's been a while since I've been there.
  10. Hi everyone, Happy new year! Have been enjoying the trois siècles d'orgue à Notre Dame de Paris CD and particularly enjoy the first track. I'd like to learn it but am struggling to get hold of a copy of the Noël Suisse by Séjean. I know that a relatively new edition was done in the late 90's by editions Chanvrelin in Paris but it would appear that they may no longer be in business as I get no response by email, fax or phone when I try and contact them using the details on their website. Any assistance from members would be gratefully received. All the best, Nick
  11. Yes it's sill in print http://www.boosey.com/shop/prod/Herbert-Chappell-Songs-of-Praise-for-Organ/2063927
  12. Write to the licensing dept at Alfred Music Publishing who now owns the HW Gray catalogue. They've been very responsive in giving me permission at no charge to get authorised copies from the British library of their works. Email address is permissions@alfred.com NB
  13. Certainly is! I've played the last part though as a final voluntary and it works pretty well if you're up for the pedal work.... (p.16 onwards of this edition: http://petrucci.mus....98christmas.pdf)
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