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  1. In the TV film Goodnight Mr. Tom, John Thaw played the Organ in the village church. The film was set in wartime, but the Organ in question looked very 20th century to me! Anybody know which church it was? Regards to all John
  2. 2004 I think, maybe 2003. It was not particularly well finished as I recall (I only had about 10 minutes), but I think I'm right in saying the job wasn't quite complete. My recall isn't that great (sorry) I'm afraid - we enjoyed the wedding though! Regards to all John
  3. When my niece married she held the reception in Darlaston town hall, and I managed to have a go on the Organ. Three manual Binns, I think, recently restored the caretaker told me. It sounded quite well at the console, but I think it must be a bit difficult to hear clearly in the hall as it is buried behind the proscenium arch of the stage. Acoustics awful - completely dead. Regards John.
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