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    I'm an organist and choir trainer. For the past five years, I've worked for the RC Church. Had the honour to be a pupil of Marcel Dupre (1970) in the year before his death. Try to maintain my repertoire but find it harder to play JSB than when I was a kid. England is my idea of paradise, esp. Salisbury & its beautiful organ. Greatly admire the work of the Mander firm.
  1. bam: Oh yes. These are the best thoughts yet. Who amongst us knows both jobs well enough to compare and contrast, quite beyond the obvious ?
  2. Positif Press

    Was Ian Bell's book about the Albert Hall Organ ever published ? I remember it being advertised. Karl Watson, Staten Island, NY
  3. Dear friends: I know that we are all beyond busy at this moment, but, just a thought to distract us. Although it is almost seventy years since the building of this organ, I often wonder, what if ? What if it were placed in a "cathedral" acoustic. What if it had normal, English-type, low-pressure chorus reeds. What if the flue voicer had been allowed to nick the pipes. What if it had been scaled using H&H's usual scale sticks. What if HWIII had built it. What if Compton's had built a real rock-crusher, in the original ceiling position planned by the architects. Am I crazy, or have any of you ever contemplated these possibilities ? I have tried to like this organ, tried to appreciate Ralph Downes ideas. I've read and re-read Baroque Tricks. I'm fully aware that there are many authorities who have high regard for Ralph Downes and this organ. His point about balances between divisions is well taken. The usual British/American organ of the period is rarely balanced in this manner. And I quite agree that his revised Solo Organ is the making of it. However, there is one of his basic ideas that I simply can't abide: the elimination of treble ascendant foundations. Organs voiced without treble ascendant foundations strike me as feeble in the French repertoire, just for starters. I could name a couple of much-admired instruments whose foundations have zero lyric impact, but I'm afraid that there would be a chorus of protests. I'm not trying to start trouble here. After all, "Love came down at Christmas." But, I would like to know if anyone else thinks about these things as I do. Kindest regards to all and MERRY CHRISTMAS. Karl Watson, Staten Island, NY USA
  4. Guildflord Cathedral

    Dear friends: Sometimes news travels slowly. I've just read about the organ at Guildford being taken-down for cleaning/repair as part of work on the building's fabric. Are changes to the instrument contemplated ? Karl Watson, Staten Island, NY
  5. Friends: Sorry to be thick, esp. if this subject has already been explained, but is there a digital instrument in the chapel during the big job's restoration ? Wondering what we are to hear for this year's L&C broadcast. Karl Watson, Staten Island, NY
  6. Carlo Curley RIP

    Thin-skinned and easily offended as am I, surely there was no disrespect intended by handsoff. It IS an ironic situation. I'm confident that the Allen Coy. will provide a suitable instrument for the occasion, not unlike the many, many instruments played with joy by our late brother. Interestingly, for Lynnwood Farnam's funeral, some eighty years ago, there was not a note of music. The full choir processed in silence. Very fitting, I think.
  7. Carlo Curley RIP

    Thanks for this but some rather heavy mis-information, a la Liberace, contained therein.
  8. Worth a good look...

    and I am one of them.
  9. Have any of the members played or heard this new instrument and, if so, what is the "low down" on its sound ?
  10. Crystal Cathedral

    In that diocese, the likelyhood of a Tridentine Mass in their cathedral is slim to none. Cowboy songs accompanying singular, local versions of the Novus Ordo are the usual faire.
  11. Crystal Cathedral

  12. This is a beautiful piece. Bravo and Amen MM.
  13. Colin: Have to agree with you. The building is gorgeous. Did Pearson build any ugly churches ? I like the cases very much. About the churchmanship at St. Aiden's: concerning the Established Church, would I be right if I concluded that the old, Church Union crown that I was born into have now split into those that are very Vatican II and some few who still use the Missal and the old ways (St. Mary's, Bourne St.) ? It kind-of looks that way from pictures and from this side heaven. If this is off base, please say so.. Karl P.S. As for the RC Church, I found the Mass from Southwark enormously improved, streets ahead of what things were like there some years back. But the Westward facing celebrant/"presider" chairs, so common, so hedious, grate on one.
  14. For some reason that I can't remember now, I thought that this church and its organ had been blitzed. Glad it's still out there.
  15. Oh my ! I never thought of it. They ARE terribly Binns-like ! Taking those cases on face value, one would never imagine the glory that lurks behind them.