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  1. searched again.... not my day I guess.
  2. Please what do we search for? Can you give a link? I've failed utterly so far. It is a good sales vehicle.
  3. I too woiuld like to buy a copy but it iseems to not be on ebay as far as I can search
  4. Got a slight lead... this gives the Dutch for 'Great is thy faithfulness' and and lead into Nederland Zingt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHuI16x2Wx4&sns=em Best wishes David
  5. A starting point may be a search under Nederland Zingt. Many hymns can be found on You Tube as sung on this programme in the Netherlands. The style sounds right. Best wishes David
  6. I had this problem too a few weeks back. In fact it is still present with jelly bean; it came down to the android browser used. If you use Firefox or Chrome you may find NPOR displays OK. Best wishes David
  7. There is a suggestion that Peter Conacher had contact with France, did some training there and brought back some French organ builders. Locally Buck's., Oxon. borders. there are number of Conachers from different times. Some do have a slightly French 'vowel sounds' to the flues and touch of French sound in the reeds. Some are just indifferent. Some speak boldly and 'lead' well. Many have been moved from their original setting though. revdnsm
  8. Does anyone know of a score for the Schbubert Mass in G with English lyrics - and preferably organ only accompaniment? Many thanks, revdnsm
  9. where can one get the score for 'fuga a la noel' as posted by gwiro? A fine entertaining piece for the occasion! Best wishes David Wallace
  10. The tune was also used by the Moody and Sankey era. Much loved in Scotland? ' Brightly beams our Father’s mercy from His lighthouse evermore, But to us He gives the keeping of the lights along the shore. Let the lower lights be burning! Send a gleam across the wave! For to us He gives the keeping of the lights along the shore. [or Some poor struggling, sinking sailor you may rescue, you may save.] Author P.Bliss (?) Every Blessing David Wallace
  11. re Noel Bonavia Hunt. The following might be helpful:- http://www.bardon-music.com/books.php?id=9...en&curr=eur This shows him as at Willesden 1905 -1912, St Johns Wood 1922 -1930 http://pipe-organ-letters.com/index.php/home/yellow.html This shows him in Bedrfordshire at Stagsden in 1952 as Vicar(?) moving to Benenden near Cranbrook Kent in 1957 Best wishes David W
  12. I too recall, circa 1969, seeing an organ with ranks of paper pipes in a church some miles North of Norwich, near Blickling Hall but not Aylsham. It was not in use. There was also a main organ with metal pipes in the church. The books with very detailed instructions of making paper pipes (and others) is 'Organ Building for Amateurs' by Mark Wicks, Ward Lock and Co 1887. I think OHS did a reprint some years back. Every Blessing David Wallace
  13. Having been brought up in Wansdworth could it perhaps be what was the Methodist Central Hall Southfields near Wandsworth? It was the only large Methodist Hall in that area. 3 manual Spurden Rutt. I haven't been that ways for very many years so don't know the current status. http://npor.emma.cam.ac.uk/cgi-bin/Rsearch...ec_index=N05504 Every Blessing, David
  14. I have a feeling Cavaille Coll used for a Carillion 8, (4), nazard, tierce, 22nd. Might this give the chord needed? Certainly it works well on my house organ David W
  15. I would be very interested in a Saturday event. Best wishes, David Wallace
  16. Try these two firms. I've bought from both:- http://www.uk-piano.org/piano_parts.html http://www.fletcher-newman.co.uk/ Good hunting, David Wallace
  17. Can I comment as a clergyman yet a business man and person with great concern for music? The clergy even as the leader of the service actually get little real chance to advise. Usually, if even that word can be used, the family are in a state of shock with fear of the unknown. Often family tensions arise; different relatives have different ideas; you tread through a minefield. Most often the undertaker, the initial family contact generally, has already made suggestions.These usually are at least hymns. The requests from the family tend to centre round what X liked/knew. Yes the 'Old R
  18. Count me in Paul, Perhaps a CD of small home bodge house organs too as we discussed when you visited? Every Blessing, David W
  19. Barry, I think this 'bridesmaids first' may come from the American tradition. Sometimes they have flower girls sprinkling rose petals before the bridesmaids and bride. They also have 'I do' rather than 'I will' ..... To be corrected at the 'walk through' of the service - if not earlier in marriage preparation. And the 'You may now kiss the bride' which is now common - though I change to something like 'You may now kiss each'. Recently I took one where the groom replied not 'I will' but 'I wilt'. And the bride wanted the music from tape (via small ghetto blaster operated by the organ
  20. If September count me in too please. David W
  21. I wonder if the clue is in the 'voiced very softly. Have the pipes with re-coned in feet been softened too much for the original voicing so becoming less stable... Best wishes, David W
  22. They usually just screw in... For spares have you tried... http://www.uk-piano.org/heckscher/ http://www.fletcher-newman.co.uk/ If not in their catalogues a phone call often gives leads to elsewhere I find! Best wishes with your search. David W
  23. On similar lines... and totally true. A husband and wife Vicar and Deacon were just about to take a service. Husband comes back into the vestry throws his radio mic saying 'It isn't working'. He turns to his wife and puts his hand inside her cassock alb to take her microphone. In fun she said' 'Vicar take your hands off your Deacon's boobs'. At that piojnt the organ struck up and off they had to go to take the service. They wwre met by a wide eyed congregation. That microphone was working!! David W
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