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  1. Nope, no leather here...! There certainly were English quint mixtures - take the Grove Organ at Tewkesbury, for example. Also the Lewis/Harrison at Ripon.
  2. The positive at Liverpool is very good, though I must say that I would have loved to have heard the dulcianas. I think dulcianas can be very useful - for example there is a lovely organ I know in Kent that has 5 8' flues on the manuals, Open Diap and a Stopped on the Swell, and the same on the great plus (you guessed it...) a Dulciana. The latter is really useful as a soft stop that contrasts with the other material. It is really handy when playing with the choir (people not pipes!) too. With regard to my earlier post and the response from Mr.W - the idea that the addition of a mixture en
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