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  1. Hi! Some vids recently posted from Denmark if you haven't already seen them. Dominic.
  2. What a coup for the organ world. Alas, English acolades seem tainted at the moment. Mr Drake must wait. But you can really see why Aubertin has been elevated when you see that link Nigel Allcoat has given - the building in the workshop and after the erection in the church - http://forumorgue.free.fr/phpwebgallery/ca...t=1&expand= quite mind-blowing to go through. How does he do it? You can see him hand-drawing a huge template for the woodcarving! I can't wait to be back in UK to see his finished product for Oxford. September is it? D H-P
  3. Certianly Kings College, Cambridge and Gloucester Cathedral need to be restored/rebuilt/newly created in proper style matching their cases and in the proper perspective and height. Gruesome at the moment. Good topic btw.
  4. Car batteries cannot be made without lead. Will cars be illegal? I imagine that some Ministers will have great embarrasment in getting rid of the 'Green' electric run-arounds that recently they trumpeted in the press. They are more in trouble than the usual ones. The whole thing is a farce and one hopes common sense will one day prevail. Even a light bulb, I am informed should also be banned. So back to hand-pumping, and candles for Evensong and Vespers.
  5. We all listen to a Vox Humana. Thus speaks truth.
  6. ? Wow! This is so that the organ can be heard in Liverpool? Will it have a govt health warning if built? Dominic
  7. Up to you to make it good. Go for it!
  8. And of course you must remember that your Mr brown will need his income tax from that £2.77 an hour. I do hope that everyone declares weddings and funeral cash on the Inland Revenue forms. New Labour need to find much spare cash. Every little helps. Beware! Will the books of churches be viewed to see who gets paid what? No doubt. Many countries like Austria, Germany etc. have a number of people who have pensions paid and ample money to live. All that is taken care of - just like Denmark. How many churches in Uk pay towards the organist's NI stamp? It is only fair when the Church needs the mu
  9. Originally purchased by a local blacksmith(?) with lots of money, I seem to think. I could be wrong.
  10. By the sounds of the description of this organ, I think it is must be distancing itself from some neighbouring ranks or slinking off for good.
  11. Dominic


    Birmingham has the Royal Ballet - don't forget. How gloriously artistic and coincidental to have two royal institutions there concerning the performance of feet. Couldn't be better, I say.
  12. Who's to blame? Is it the builders? Or the small coterie of so-called consultants and organ advisers? Or is it the people who commission new instruments? Or the people who hold the purse strings? I've thought long and hard over teatime with this one. I think that builders are not always allowed to build what is best for each place taking into consideration acoustics and situation. Secondly, the people who are commissioning have sometimes idyosyncratic tastes which perhaps the next incumbant will not have. Consultants! Well, do they suggest? design? or consider tenders on behalf of the
  13. These Harmonics stops were married to the Harrison Trombas perhaps. Change one and you might have to change them both. Divorce? Difficult question!
  14. Acoustic and situation is quite stunning. Dominic
  15. Play the right music on the correct organ, I say. Simple as that. Don't be clever- just play good music too. Understand the music and be persusive in the performance of it. BUT - Why is it that organists of varying standards inflict Organ Recitals on the public? Far better pianists don't push themselves forward as concert givers all the time. Elevating students and giving them professional style concerts (like the silly Oundle thing) enlarges egos and heads mostly and diminishes musical standards and proper professional platforms. I have heard too many young players playing totally inappropria
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