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  1. Isnt this the specs of the 1930 klais at Kristus-Koning-Kerk in Antwerp? Are you restoring the organ i.e its not a big new project?
  2. There have been many failures by Traditional German Organ Builders to build "foreign-style" organs (e.g Rieger). I just hope that this new organ works out well and does not end up with shril mixtures or reeds sounding like french bombardes or the clarinet sounding like a Krumhorn!
  3. And youre being nice. Its much worse than that. AND ITS A TRIBUTE VIDEO!!
  4. Nope, the poster of the video was there while Diane was playing and he said the organ sounded even worse in person!
  5. And for those who have not yet experienced Feike Asma's eye-popping performance of Widor's Toccata:
  6. Behold, The most pleasant sounding instrument that has been built. It astounds professionals as to how any organbuilder could create such wonderful art Karg Elert's Marche Triomphale will be demonstrated by Diane Bish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbGjBt3X4qk...feature=related
  7. Opening Voluntary - Allegretto from 5 short pieces, Whitlock. Introit - Coelos Ascendit Hodie, Stanford Responses - Leighton Psalm - 48 (Chant by Garrett) Canticles - St Paul's Service, Howells Anthem - Let all the World, Vaughan Williams Hymn - Saviour again to thy dear name Voluntary - Scherzo from Sonata in E flat, Bairstow
  8. There is a David Bevan at St.Thomas More RC church in Chelsea not the one under discussion. He used to be assistant master of music at Westminster cathedral during the seventies.
  9. The Fanfare Trumpet and Tuba at St.Bride's Fleet Street are also hair-raising.
  10. So what church are you at, with that dazzling tuba, if you don't mind me asking.
  11. Thanks, I saw it once on a Fanfare Trumpet at Holy Trinity Sloane Square, London. do you think it was because there was no space to fit the bottom octave pipes?
  12. I sometimes see "TC" on specifications, especially on string stops, and once on a reed. What does this mean???
  13. What about the Tubas at St.Michael Cornhill and St.Peter Eaton Square, Belgravia.
  14. That could go on the list, due to the church being so small.
  15. Well I think it would do them good to be named here for their idiocy. Editors know they should check that everything is correct.
  16. Hi actually the small Bishop organ is still in place, i phoned them up and they said it's still tuned and maintained. They'll give me specs soon.
  17. Another two "Earthquake Zones" are the two post-WW2 Walker giants, at the City Temple and St Columba Scottish church, London. They arnt very interesting instruments, nothing great about them, except the string choruses which in my opinion are amazing!
  18. Definately the Royal Hospital School one is extremely loud. But ive never heard the one at All Hallows except for a couple of youtube videos and full great+swell doesnt seem so loud in the video comparing to less organ used! But ill have to go there myself and see.
  19. Thanks so much for the information, I was also a bit confused when I heard the office manager say "Tunks" as to wether he was referring to another organ! Thanks again. I think i'll try and call Bishop next.
  20. Hi I just phoned up Willis, and they said that their organ was replaced in the 1950s by an H&H organ. H&H are going to phone me back with details (I hope Willis didnt make a mistake!). No Bishop organ was mentioned when I spoke with them!!
  21. Thanks for that, so it seems the church may have payed a lot for completely different organs! How could this not be in the NPOR! I THINK that the current organ has 19 stops from what I remember.
  22. Ideas for organs to play? Well there are two nice ones in Barcelona. In the Cathedral and in the "Palau de la Musica". My guess is that it may be a bit tricky organising to play in those places since they are quite strict in what you can do, and the latter is a Concert Hall. But best of luck and I wish you have a sunny holiday.
  23. Back on topic, the Exeter College Walker sends a rumble through the chapel, even with only a couple of great stops on! Its way too big for the chapel, especially that 16ft Pedal Bombarde!!!!!!!
  24. These "TUNKS", whom ive never heard of, may have something to do with this pile of ****, some parts of the old one could have been saved. Never trust an unknown organ builder!
  25. Many of the stops are useless, including a lot of the great organ, which (except for the ear-splitting trumpets!) is quite soft. I still wonder why when H&H did work on it they didnt revoice or replace those disgusting reeds with more romantic trombas or posaunes on a lower wind pressure, and possibly added a more suiting Choir Tuba.
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