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  1. Anyone think the reeds of St Michael Cornhill are particularly loud from the console? Has anyone also heard the Great Trumpets at St Augustine, Queens Gate, Kensington? From the console, they overpower the rest of the organ so thats basically the only thing you hear on full organ! Sounds as loud as the notre dame chamades!
  2. Hi Oscar, No this is definately not the case since i played the organ of St Simon Stock last year , and it is a different church. Our Lady of Victories stands down the high Street. And actually the NPOR survey for St Simon Stock is not up to date as the organ has a few extra stops now incl. a reedy Great Trompette.
  3. So Maybe someone from Willis' must be able to give some info on this organ
  4. I once played this organ many years ago, but hardly remember it, except that it had 2 manuals. I know that it replaced a 3 manual Bryceson which was destroyed during WW2. Does anyone know anything more about this mysterious instrument, which doesn't turn up on the NPOR? Thanks
  5. I heard that the Newcastle city hall organ is in a very bad, virtually unplayable state. But has it been slightly repaired for this event? Will everyone get a go on that organ!
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