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  1. if you mean this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGQZ3NrKv-4 then is the Herbert Chappell one. Not sure whether it is still in print
  2. According to info on the KCOA, work dismantling Canterbury is about to start soon and that the "new organ" is unlikely to be installed before the end of 2014 or early 2015. It's unclear whether the organ is being rebuilt ( as previously discussed) or new.
  3. Gosh! What a sound! Hope it was the (poor) recording and not the organ
  4. The document I saw, some time ago, on the Cathedral website was suggesting that the main organ would return to 4 manuals and that the voicing was to return to a more "Willis" style. A 4 manual "French Style" organ was planned for the nave
  5. Sad news - glad I was able to hear her playing her brothers music
  6. The St Andrews Compton is long gone - pre 1984 when I lived in Luton
  7. Final Sunday Service March 3rd. Anyone need an organ?
  8. madorganist


    So much for programme notes
  9. madorganist


    I recall Charpantier's L'Ange a la Trompette being described as palindromic
  10. I was having a look at this website http://www.stsulpice.com/Docs/specs.html via google translate. It came up with some very interesting stop names: Provision 4 rows Game 4 full rows Watch 16 Bumblebee 16 Watch 8 Unda Husbands 8 bent Trumpet 8 Well...... it made me smile
  11. You've answered the question I was going to ask. Given the amounts of money involved and the frequency of attention I find it rather shocking. Whilst even a modestly sized organ is physically many time larger and more complex than any other instrument, I do find myself wondering why organ “restoration” is such a regular and frighteningly expensive procedure. I'm not “having a go” at John, or the Ripon organ, but I do find myself wondering about the quality of work that gets carried out and the sometimes astronomic price tags that go along with it. I've never met an organ builder that drives a Bentley, but I do sometimes wonder whether they have one parked up at home!
  12. Whilst on holiday last week i was shown a friends wedding video - the happy couple left the church to "jingle bells" ( it was a christmas wedding) played on....... wait for it........ . . it's really worth waiting for....... . . . . . .Bagpipes!
  13. Needs to be done with care, Compton was the master. Taking the organ I play as an example,12 ranks have been extended and duplexed to give 23 stops. The result, a much more useful instrument. I believe Reg Cobb was behind the voicing, and I believe he was one of that small band of builders/voicers that knew what they were doing. Returning to the original posters question, I would agree that it can be a worthwhile exercise if not pushed too far. The organ in question is http://www.npor.org.uk/cgi-bin/Rsearch.cgi?Fn=Rsearch&rec_index=D03036 and it's still for sale. Rob
  14. Mike, Do you have any contact info for him?
  15. Sad to report that my church will be closing in June this year. I hope we can find a new home for our organ http://www.npor.org....ec_index=D03036 Anyone in need?
  16. Yes - always check the service sheet a funerals. Also check which hymn books, if any, are being used, I've had many a close shave
  17. madorganist

    J-G Ropartz

    Funny you should mention the third meditation - I had a quick thrash through it earlier today
  18. madorganist

    J-G Ropartz

    I play TheThree Meditations from time to time - not IMHO top drawer material
  19. A quick bit of googling shows the company as being incorporated on the 28/12/77 and its current status as dissolved. The company address shown is the the address for F H Browne and Sons in Ash near Canterbury
  20. I had a little tinkle on this organ the other day. Henry Fincham is a new one to me. I've discovered he was active in the last half of the 19th C. Does anyone know any more? Major player (rather doubt it) - good/ bad etc?
  21. He seems fairly normal in this bio Joe Holbrooke It's interesting to note that he was a friend of Sir Granville Bantock - now there's a chap that could write a good tune
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