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  1. Tom died quite some time ago and the windmill was subjected to a compulsory purchase order by Ashford Borough Council. The windmill has been restored and is open to the public from time to time
  2. I know how you feel. I was playing at another church a few weeks back, it was so full people were leaning against the organ console. I thought at one point someone was going to sit on the bench next to me. The congregation talked and texted through out the service. At one point I overheard one of the female guests said " I ain't gonna 'ave no songs at my wedding, 'cos nobody (rude word) sings' em". It was a classy do! I played, was paid and went home for a libation
  3. They want the main theme - although I might just slip in a quick pom pom pom pom ti pom at some point!
  4. madorganist


    Good news indeed. Does anyone know where these organs came from?
  5. I saw a wedding couple after this mornings service - they also want the Star Wars theme to go out to, with the Mendelssohn to come in to. All a bit bizarre if you ask me. Is the start of a trend?
  6. My visit was circa 1984, part of an Organ Club crawl in the Bedford area. Perhaps they were removed in 1993? The organist at the time was ,if i remember correctly, President of the Organ Club
  7. Didn't this organ gain a Dulciana and a Lieblich Flute to make a bit more user friendly?
  8. Give me a wave when you pass through Ashford. I hope to see the return run prior to choir practice
  9. Another steam enthusiast here. The big debate - should I go to the Bluebell Railway's Spring Gala on Saturday, or should I do some organ practice?
  10. Yes it makes quite an inspiring start
  11. Always been partial to bit of VDG
  12. I assume he makes full use of a Van der Graaf Generator
  13. Only 18 brave souls made it to Church this morning, so we decided that this afternoons carol service would be cancelled . Oh well....I shall just have to sit by the fire and enjoy a glass of something festive instead. That leaves me with just one more service to play for this year
  14. That's Sunday's voluntary taken care of
  15. Just watched a bit of it on I Player. Saw one of my neighbours during the first hymn. Didn't think the band and the organ were as together as they could have been. Usual suspects conducting and playing, shame as the home team is first rate
  16. I recall a visit to this church by The Organ Club some 25 or so years ago. The organ was divided either side on quite a high west gallery, the console being set into the case work on the north side of the gallery. It was in a poor state, not all stops were working and if my memory serves correctly we were told that the all(some?) of the reeds had been removed. I can't remember whether they had simply collapsed, been nicked , or stored. The organ was demonstrated to us by Ralph Downes. The parish priest, at the time, was said to be aware of the historic nature of the organ and keen to see its retention and restoration
  17. I do think the church in general does little to foster an interest in organs and organ playing. During my youth I was almost universally told, usually by some ancient, hirsute matriarch, that no one was allowed to try the organ – that it was out of the question etc etc. In my current church I happily invite any curious person that wants to have a go to climb up onto the bench and make a noise. We also have a local church school that visits us from time to time. After a brief demonstration I always invite volunteers to come and have a try. For some unknown reason 8 year old boys seem to relish the noise of the lowest notes of the Double Trumpet, often reducing them to uncontrollable laughter – can’t imagine why! Funnily enough one church that did invite me to have a play was St Steven’s in Kirby Steven. I politely declined the offer as I was in my wet weather gear, walking boots and was also wearing a generous covering of mud – ah the joys of geological field work!
  18. I only managed to catch the second half of the broadcast, due entirely to a late running wedding. I thoroughly enjoyed the broadcast . If only I had a tuba or two to use next time I play some Bach - such fun
  19. Number 7 gets my vote, and the Russians are worthy of an honorable mention
  20. The memorial service is in the Cathedral on Saturday -2:30pm
  21. Funeral to be held at Wye PC on the 22nd - dont know the time yet
  22. A thoroughly decent bloke. He will be missed
  23. Thank you Vox, I'm sure David Wells will do a good job. I would certainly enjoy having a play once the work is completed
  24. I'll say!! A friend arranged for me to have ago on a few organs on Gozo a few years ago - they were all pretty grim. I also played the organ in the Anglican Cathedral in Valletta, I thought it sounded quite nice despite a lot of action issues
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