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  1. Hi All, I Just wanted to throw in my two cents worth. I am not going to defend nor condemn the 1975 rebuild at Ely, instead I only want to say that even tho I am usually against any radical tonal modifications (unless they are clearly an improvement) over the previous builder's work, but can we really please everyone's ear in all cases? I think not. I don't recall if I have ever heard any recordings from Ely prior to the 1975 rebuild, and even tho I'm really not in favor of trying to "Frencify" English organs, one recording comes to mind that is very special to me. The 1991 recordings made by Jeremy Filsell of Marcel Dupré Organ Works (Gamut Classics). These are without any doubt, the finest non Cavaillé-Coll recordings ever made of Dupré and surley could not have been achieved on a typical "English organ" Of couse Blackburn would also have been a very nice venue for the music of Marcel Dupré, and even as much as I love the organ at Blackburn (and the glorious acoustics there) it really isn't a true "English organ" at all.........is it? Since we are on the subject, I had to dig out my "Great European Organs No. 9" CD by Arthur Wills, and I must say that the organ (as it was recorded here in 1988) produced an equally pleasing, and very respectable sound for both the music of Widor to the music of Sir Hubert Parry. Cheers, ][\/][][\/][
  2. Greetings Alastair, I was just curious if you were referring to the William Whitehead arr. of Danse lente (Trois Danses Op. 6) I absolutely love this arrangement which really shows of the fabulous reeds on the Oberthür organ at St. Etienne, Auxerre. ][\/][][\/][
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