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  1. 'It looks like you're trying to play a voluntary. Would you like some help playing a voluntary? Are you sure you meant to pull out the flute? Voluntary Help Auto Register thinks you meant the tuba, and is going to change it for you....' Magic music thing just reminded of the Microsoft paper clip. Sorry!
  2. What about something like Walton's Crown Imperial March? A bit 'Land of Hope and Glory'ish.
  3. I'm interested to read this thread - one of my missions in life is to eradicate certain phrases from biogs! The ones that really bug me are 'critical acclaim' and 'much in demand'. In my opinion, a good biography tells you something interesting about the performer, probably where he/she studied, who their teachers were, and something about their interests musically and non-musically. My own biography has a line about me keeping pet chickens, which may be silly but it seems to make people laugh (possibly at me!).
  4. Hi, am looking for an organist for Sunday morning, for a friend. Is a ruby wedding celebration, music includes Schuberts Ave Maria, sung by solo tenor. Fee available (though I don't know what!). Any takers? Thanks!
  5. Tony Cawston is still very much in operation. I think Clevedon organs comes from when his ex-colleague (whose name I have forgotten) split off from him and bought out Percy Daniels which subsequently went into receivership. So Cawstons and Clevedon organs are entirely separate.
  6. Organists are welcome to enter. However they are in the 'piano' category, and I simply don't believe they would ever put an organist above a pianist, so that there was no pianist in the concerto final. One year, the published venue for the Concerto final was a venue without organ, despite the fact that organists could enter. It makes my point!
  7. Hi - I am joint assistant at SMR along with my husband, Graham. The DoM, Andrew Kirk has asked me to post the following about the organ - he is still waiting to be registered on this forum! Claire Alsop From Andrew Kirk Director of Music at St Mary Redcliffe Church Bristol: I am pleased to see that the plans to restore the organ are being aired and that many of the comments are positive. The organ is still in a good condition considering its age, a testament to H&H craftsmansip and regular maintenance. The Appeal cost is £800,000 It will be a restoration, hopefully completed in time for the centenary in 2012 - there are no changes to the pipework. No decisions have yet been made about adding more memory. Work is expected to take up to 18 months. H&H will carry out the work. There were three tenders for the work from UK firms and I can confirm H&H quote was competitive. A contract will be signed shortly. There will soon be a link from the church website to the appeal brochure. There will be brand new blowers which could involve some possible work on the fabric for which the budget allows. There has been some asbestos removal. Add to that accommodation, scaffold, other associated work, admin of appeal, consultancy, displays, underwriting launch of organ with celebrity recitals, contingencies and VAT (which we hope to reclaim), I hope it is easy to see how an appeal figure of £800,000 is reached. We welcome any donations for the restoration of this magnificent instrument.
  8. Celeste

    Bristol Cathedral

    You are quite correct, in that when they did not have a suitable candidate as organ scholar, they gave the title 'sub-organist'. However it then reverted to 'organ scholar'. This year there is no organ scholar, and it would be very strange for DB to be referred to as 'organ scholar'. But I do not think it is a permanent situation in that I'm fairly sure it's not a decision to have a 'sub-organist' in addition to an assistant organist. Hence the names being that way round.
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