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  1. I would certainly be interested in your views with regard to the revised specification of the York Minster organ.
  2. This was covered recently in the national press, notably the Daily Telegraph. Despite the decree from the French Senate, the idea has been proposed to construct the roof and spire in the same form as before, but made of glass. This would no doubt be striking, but I'm not sure if this would be universally popular, or indeed fall within the remit of the legislation passed by the Senate?
  3. The team at York did a fantastic job on the stained glass. As mentioned by MM before, it really is remarkable the way the glass can be restored back to its former glory. This must take ingenuity and skill, not to mention patience, in order to do this! I gather that the rose windows in the North and South transepts have survived the fire? If so this is incredible news, although given the collapse of the central space of the cathedral I am surprised that the fire has not affected the lead and glass? Given that the quire furnishings are also largely unaffected, let's hope the Orgue de Choeur has survived as well.
  4. They certainly don't! The stone vaulting is obviously very strong and has clearly saved the cathedral! More news that the organ has survived the fire, as confirmed by the Deputy Mayor of Paris: https://slippedisc.com/2019/04/paris-latest-cavaille-coll-organ-has-survived-the-fire/
  5. All very encouraging. I would also like to see that photograph!
  6. Photographs of the interior would suggest that most of the stone vaulting has survived. The stone structure of the cathedral itself, together with most of the furnishings in the quire as well as hopefully the west end gallery, appears to be intact. No doubt the grand organ has been affected by smoke and water, but let's hope it can be rebuilt. How long this will take is anyone's guess? Either way the rebuilding of the cathedral and restoring the interior furnishings, including the restoration of the grand organ, will take a very long time. Will any of us hear this organ play again?
  7. Perhaps the funeral mass was not for President Giscard d'Estaing, as that former President is still alive!
  8. The aerial photograph of the cathedral is quite incredible. The entire roof has collapsed, and the internal fabric is just a fireball, with everything seemingly destroyed. And yet the walls of the nave, transepts and chancel are still standing. This must be due to the strength of the flying buttresses. But as you say all the furnishings, including the two organs, appear to be completely destroyed, as well of course much of the medieval stained glass windows.
  9. They may well save the west end towers but a significant majority of the cathedral has been destroyed. Given the smoke and flames were directed toward the west end of the cathedral by the prevailing wind, and with all the water poured onto the towers, I cannot see how the grand organ may survive.
  10. With the flames reaching the west end towers, no doubt the grand organ will be totally destroyed.
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