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  1. I remember on the Great at St Pauls Cathedral there were two Principal 4 stops (Principal I and II rather than Principal/Octave) after the 1972/77 rebuild. But this was changed during the 1990s I think, with one of the Principals displaced with a new Claribel Flute. At the same time the South Choir gained (or regained?) a Principle 4 (was this simply transfered from the Great?). Has this made the registration on the Great any easier now there is only one Principal 4? With two Open Diapasons I assume the second Diapason (the old one) now sings alone, or can the single Principle make do for both?
  2. I would like to add my congratulations to the Mander Team for the restoration of the RAH organ. This Concert Organ now ranks as one of the finest instruments of its type in the world. I had a further opportunity to listen to the organ on Monday evening (9 August) with Naji Hakim performaning works by Messiaen and works of his own creation. In the final piece 'In Organo, Chordis et Choro' (2001) Full Organ was finally used with everything of course coupled to Pedal. The effect was interesting, and revealing. There is no doubting the power of the reeds and the upperwork in general, but the pedal bass was overwhelmed (as commented on previously in this forum). Again, this is not meant as a criticism, as I suspect the acoustic and physical shape of the hall prevent perhaps the 'blooming' of the lower wavelengths of the 32s (the Double Ophicleide in particular). From a technical viewpoint, how could this 'problem' (if acknowledged as such) be overcome?
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