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  1. Perhaps the funeral mass was not for President Giscard d'Estaing, as that former President is still alive!
  2. The aerial photograph of the cathedral is quite incredible. The entire roof has collapsed, and the internal fabric is just a fireball, with everything seemingly destroyed. And yet the walls of the nave, transepts and chancel are still standing. This must be due to the strength of the flying buttresses. But as you say all the furnishings, including the two organs, appear to be completely destroyed, as well of course much of the medieval stained glass windows.
  3. They may well save the west end towers but a significant majority of the cathedral has been destroyed. Given the smoke and flames were directed toward the west end of the cathedral by the prevailing wind, and with all the water poured onto the towers, I cannot see how the grand organ may survive.
  4. With the flames reaching the west end towers, no doubt the grand organ will be totally destroyed.
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