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  1. Stephen Just browsing on here as I often do in my lunchbreak, I came across your introduction. It brought all sorts of memories flooding back. As a student in London in the late 60s (although not a music student I hasten to add - I wasn't good enough!) and one addicted to the organ in all its guises, I knew John Stewart well and spent many happy hours in his company at the Gaumont State and at other consoles in the South East. I lost touch when I graduated and moverd North sadly. I see now you are near Blackpool - did you ever come across Raymond Wallbank? As a young mad teenage
  2. I was a schoolboy in Manchester in the early 60s and although I never managed to play the instrument, I understood that Jardine's had already taken responsibility for looking after it. Incidentally, I practised on a 3 manual Jardine in a church adjacent to the school in Rusholme and that too had a most uncomfortable console. The balanced swell pedals were set so high you needed double jointed knees to get your feet on them without falling off the bench!
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