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  1. Very helpful, Damian; many thanks.
  2. Can anyone that has a home organ tell me how high the lowest manual is from the floor? Many thanks.
  3. Yes, thank you for mentioning Hauptwerk, SomeChap. There are some very neat self-made set-ups around. I’ve also been looking at OrganTeq from Modartt, which is not sample based but physically modelled to recreate a Cavaillé-Coll type instrument.
  4. Thanks for your thoughts, too, Martin. I’m definitely in the “not waiting” mode now.
  5. Very useful tips, Tony. Thank you. The Content 224 Compact is the right size but too expensive at this time.
  6. I was going to mention the area but then realised there might be child protection issues so I’d rather not.
  7. Thanks for your good wishes, Dave. Sadly his school has nothing approaching either a chapel or an organ but you’ve made me think that he could maybe use the nearby parish church. I’ll get in touch with them post-lockdown.
  8. Just wondering if anyone in the UK is thinking of disposing of a small 2-manual and pedal organ suitable for home use. My son wants to take up the organ and I realised (40+ years too late) that I would have progressed much quicker had I been able to practice more than once a week between my organ lessons. We have a limited budget. The pipe organ advertised in the latest Organists Review is out of our range at £20k. After years of being pipe-purist, well, tracker-pipe-purist actually, I’m now willing to consider any type even a harmonium (with electric blower) as long as it has a proper pedalbo
  9. Might be worth doing that candle test singing the lower voices parts from the second movement of Chichester Psalms.
  10. This is very sad news.
  11. Following the mention on the Organ Design thread of the organ in the Disney Hall, Los Angeles, I found this remarkable video from 2012 of a 16-year-old organist. I hoper’s fulfilling this early promise. The organ sounds great too.
  12. Wahl organbuilders, a small firm in the USA, make home/practice organs. http://www.wahlorganbuilders.com/organs/house/Two-Stopthird.shtml http://www.wahlorganbuilders.com/organs/practice/Six-stopPO.shtml It is possible to purchase slim books of detailed photographs (alas, no technical drawings) which give a lot of insight into the design of these small, compact instruments. I note that the latest iteration of their two-stop instrument has both II-I and I-II couplers (a feature that Bernard Aubertin also provides (albeit in larger instruments)). I’m dreaming …
  13. There are many detailed technical drawings available (sometimes at a price) of old string instruments; lutes, viols, Italian violins. Also, similarly, of harpsichords. I’d love to see something similar for old organs. I understand that detailed technical drawings of instruments by our hosts or other modern builders constitute commercially sensitive intellectual property so wouldn’t expect to be able to see those, but it would be great to see how the old master builders managed to fit their pipes and action into sometimes quite small spaces,
  14. I’m loving everything about it; sound, articulation, tempo. Reminds me a little of Simon Preston.
  15. Thank you for posting the video and the very interesting link. At times like this I wish the forum had the option of a simple Like or Thanks reaction.
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