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  1. I disagree; a straight cut (if that means one slide instantaneously replacing the previous one) is sometimes unnoticeable if the words of the new verse are very similar to the old one. We used to off-set the horizontal position of the second verse slightly so there was a visual "jump" in order for people to notice the change. Now we use very simple "page-turn" or "wipe" transitions, which probably last a tenth of a second but really help. Maybe this is more important for the musician playing for the hymn who will glance up to the screen just at the ends of verses. And maybe it is only a proble
  2. It’s vital to get a good look at the PowerPoint file in advance. As you say the words could have been sourced from anywhere and often typed in without much care. I haven't experienced a projector used in conjunction with congregational hymnbooks - the advantage should be that no one has messed with the words - but the potential for disaster is probably higher. I have experience of providing Sibelius files for use in PowerPoint projections. It's quite time-consuming and you can't get very much music on one slide but it’s a great help when introducing new music if at least a few of the congr
  3. LOL stands for Laughing Out Loud, and its extended form ROTFLMAO stands for Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A** Off. But many "newbies" think LOL stands for Lots Of Love as in "Your grandma's just died LOL".
  4. I played the Widor Toccata from Sym. V at a funeral on Saturday. The deceased had arranged all the details of the service including the venue and this concluding voluntary. It was, I think, uplifting for everyone except me, who was waiting in vain for the post-service chatter to start!
  5. To me it sounds as though the organist is absolutely placing the stress on the last note of the first and third phrases with an agogic accent to boot! On an instrument with no control over dynamics within a phrase the main way of placing an accent on the PENultimate note would be to lift off the previous note and on this recording I can't detect any gap between the ante- and the pen-ultimate notes.
  6. I think you can see the back of the organ very clearly from the street through a large plate glass window; chiefly the pipes for both stopped 16' wooden registers. I heard four recitals in one day there once, including some stunning playing from Paul Jacobs.
  7. We raised over £1000 this evening plus GiftAid. Huge thanks to all the performers and all the generous donors.
  8. Prompted by your example, Tony, I'm organising a similarly unconventional concert in St Michael's Church, Highgate, London N6 at 8pm on Sunday, August 15 also in aid of Pakistan Floods Appeal. I will play a couple of organ pieces but there'll be Poulenc on the flute, Faure on the cello, Sondheim, Mozart and Purcell songs and much more. Best wishes, Michael
  9. Apparently Prokoviev could read a novel, practise the piano and listen to the radio/tv all at the same time.
  10. The short news item on the main Mander site mentions a new organ on a gallery to be completed early 2010 ie about now. Does anyone know any details?
  11. What are the grounds for your belief, Colin? Or is it just a gut feeling? The word "always" gives the impression that £10 is right for an organ recital now, and was just as right 10, 20, 30 years ago, which does seem strange. I'd have thought that ticket prices for any event are decided through a process that involves: What are the costs? What can people afford? (include possibilities of range of ticket prices and concessions) What can we get away with? (which isn't noble but will nevertheless be present at times). I can't comment on this particular case, but would point out that
  12. I don't think Carlo Curley plays the Reger arrangements of the Bach 2-part inventions, where the rh plays the original rh part, the lh plays a new part invented by Reger and the feet play Bach's original lh part. I saw Jacobs play three of these in New York a few years ago and was astounded; the F major invention was fast.
  13. Here goes: Opening Voluntary - Clair De Lune (Vierne) Introit - In Ieiunio Et Fletu (Tallis) Responses - Rose Psalm - 122 (I know the chant, but not the composer(!)) Office Hymn - Before The Ending Of The Day (plainsong) Canticles - Byrd Second Service Anthem - My Beloved Spake (Purcell) Final Hymn - Christ Is Made The Sure Foundation (Westminster Abbey) Closing Voluntary - A Fancy For Two To Play (Tomkins)
  14. I wouldn't worry about the exact definition of the words "recital" and "concert". After all "Concerto" implies several performers, yet Bach's Italian Concerto is for only one. And song recitals generally involve a singer and an accompanist. I also seem to remember string quartets giving recitals. I'm reminded of a friend who got a job giving solo piano recitals on a cruise ship; he was asked to play light music and he responded "Could I play serious music if I introduce it in a light way?". His Victor Borge-ish spiel kept the management happy and the punters interested enough to stay. If calli
  15. How do you feel about Bach's transcriptions of Vivaldi orchestral works for the organ, Nick? And, conversely, what about orchestrations of music originally for, say, solo piano, quite often by the original composer? There was a time before the gramophone and the radio when the only way most people got to hear orchestral music was by way of arrangements for organ and piano duet.
  16. This document contains information upon which doubt has been cast, particularly with regard to costs for new pipe organs or rebuilds and maintenance of the previous organ. My feeling is that Trinity Church, with almost unlimited budget, has done the pipe organ community a terrible disservice. There is also something I can't quite express in connection with the 9/11 attacks that makes me feel uncomfortable.
  17. I was under the impression that the state-of-the-art toaster in New York City's Trinity Church, Wall Street cost significantly more than £100K.
  18. Anyone going to Westminster Abbey tomorrow to hear Simon Preston's recital?
  19. I'd like one of these, as is: http://www.orgues-bancells.com/show?ar_id=26 But if Santa was paying for a custom job: Man I 61 notes C-c'''' Principale 8' Spire Flute 4' Man II 61 notes C-c'''' Bourdon 8' Recorder 2' Pedal 30 notes C-f Quint 5 1/3' II/I II/I 4' I/P I/P 4' II/P Tremulant to whole organ Some interesting and useful "well" temperament, eg Niedhart, Valotti, Kellner Mechanical action, of course. Maybe, and this would involve a lot of soul-searching and research, either an ability to transpose the organ, or low or high pitch. In other wor
  20. An ordained friend likes to refer to friends as God's apology for relatives. Michael
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