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  1. Perhaps this site will help: http://www.broekmans.com/en/default.cfm Broekmans en Van Poppel is not a specialised dealer of organ music scores, but you probably can order a lot of organ music via them, if needs be on special request. You can pay by creditcard. Anita
  2. Thank you for this information Peter. I'd be much obliged if you could inform us again next time you go to Selby.
  3. Does anyone know if the Harrison organ is already installed (and being used) in Selby Abbey? I found a newspaperstory of february 1st 2010 stating that the organ would be installed in december (2010 I presume). Selby Abbey's ‘dying’ organ replaced by newer model while trustees try to fund repairs Monday 1st February 2010 (...) The cost of removing and installing this Harrison organ, which has been found at the decommissioned St Mary’s Church, in Harrogate, is £250,000 – money that is now in the bank. Jeremy Gaskell, appeal director, said: “However, while we raise the money, w
  4. You could try Boeijenga Music: http://www.muziekhandel-boeijenga.nl/Detai...clecode=s001045 This company is specialized in organ music Anita
  5. I can also recommend this recording by Ben van Oosten. A sample can be heard here
  6. Dave, maybe these links are helpfull: http://www.musicanet.org/robokopp/english/thouartc.htm http://www.cyberhymnal.org/htm/t/h/o/thouartc.htm http://www.christianbook.com/saint-michael.../pd/DLF126378-5
  7. An other site is this one: http://www.orgbase.nl/ The combined search doesn't seem to work, so you will need a map at the ready to see if a town is in the region you want to visit.
  8. Does anyone know when work on the organ will start?
  9. You can search google books: www.books.google.co.uk and type james herriot organ, and you will find the quote pcnd gave, although you cannot see where it is in the book. When I typed this query in 'normal' google I came up with this article in the Northern Echo, dated 1st August 2005. And I found this snippet of info on mr. Herriot (which wasn't his real name): 1916. James Alfred Wight, or "Alf," as he's known locally, was born in Sunderland, a small town in Yorkshire on October 3. Three weeks later, the family moved to Glasgow. As the son of a mother who sang professionally and a father
  10. Paul, maybe this link is helpfull (scroll down for Sacred Works) : http://www.cpdl.org/wiki/index.php/Monteverdi
  11. A screencap can be found here: http://s228.photobucket.com/albums/ee11/He...;current=68.jpg
  12. Has anyone seen Elizabeth (with Cate Blanchett, director Shekhar Kapur) 1998? The coronation takes place in York Minster, and its obviously filmed there, but they have managed to get rid of the organ on the screen Was it good photoshopping? Or was it not filmed in York Minster?
  13. ahem. This afternoon, doing the same music in a different church (same choir, same orchestra) I miscounted and played the major chord with full organ (which is not cathedral size) after the fourth verse in the Wilcocks arangement. Only to realise there was another verse coming when it already started. The director "complimented" me on my counting skills....
  14. Ah, this is a nice view on ending it in minor. If only my director would think of it that way. I had to end it in major this morning, also because otherwise it would clash terribly with what the orchestra was playing
  15. not all congregational singing in the Netherlands is that bad as the examples given here. go here for example: http://www.ncrv.nl/ncrv?nav=ytynKsHtGATmKnJihGxhG scroll down to 28 september 2008 and listen to psalm 91 (click "SPEEL AF) (beginning at 8.20) admitted: this singing is with a conductor, but I've been singing like this (excluded the multiple voice bits) a lot of the time in my own congregation without a conductor. Or listen to the first bit of 5 oktober 2008. Or even better the first bit of 12 oktober 2008!
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