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  1. I recorded Rubrics from Southwell Minster about three years ago. The pieces in the collection are of varying difficulty; number 4 - the peace may be exchanged - is by far the most straightforward. No 3 is definately the most difficult to control, especially when the trumpet melody finds its way into the left hand. I found the whole suite great fun to learn, and audiences / congregations love it. This is listener-friendly modern organ music at it's best, but some may say that it's more a concert cycle than for use at services. Simon
  2. Did you enjoy using the temporary 'special' pistons? I thought they were marvellous on Wednesday!
  3. All good suggestions - I'm playing BWV 729 - and then David Briggs "Sortie on In Dulci Jubilo" which looks like lots of fun, even if I've not learnt it yet! Last year, Final of Vierne 6... Mulet Carillon-Sortie goes down well too. Best advent greetings Simon
  4. Dear Christopher I have a copy of it... phone me after the weekend and I'll pop one in the post for you. Great piece :-) Simon
  5. I think the most important thing to do when performing this sort of music is to orchestrate it for the instrument you are performing on. I have a fine recording of these pieces from the Royal Albert Hall by Simon Preston (which is on Signum) from which i think one can learn a lot. I recommend you get hold of it. One could play them in an academic manner, but i don't think this would do them justice - in my opinion these fugues are one of the most significant works written for the organ in Germany during this period, unlike the Canons and Sketches, which are pedal piano pieces. Hope that's
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