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  1. The Dean and Chapter have awarded the contract to Harrison & Harrison. https://www.cathedral.org.uk/docs/default-source/Music/v2315_norwich-cathedral-brochure_spreads.pdf?sfvrsn=0
  2. Details of the Canterbury project now emerging ( see work in progress specification below ) https://www.canterbury-cathedral.org/support-us/supporting-us/the-canterbury-voice/the-cathedral-organ-project/
  3. The Canterbury Cathedral Friends newsletter Feb2016 has the following statement concerning the organ:- Planning for the rebuild of the organ itself is well advanced and we are concentrating on the other major part of the project, the new console. Its location has been chosen (in the North Quire Aisle) but the positioning of the platform and the appearance of the whole structure are matters under heavy debate. We are working with some very reputable designers and hope to confirm a design by the summer. Once we have everything in place, including the additional funding that this project will
  4. They may be further along then we think as the statement i found on the Canterbury Cathedral USA Friends website published 2014! Harrisons are not saying much on the project
  5. Canterbury Cathedral Organ , Project Confirmed awarded to H&H. Chapter have appointed an organ builder, Harrisons & Harrisons of Durham, to design the reconstruction of the Willis Organ in the Quire triforium as a four manual. The plan is to divide the organ’s pipework between the north and south triforia of the Quire so that a better musical balance is struck as well as restoring the organ to its full 19th Century capacity. Moving forward depends on finding an acceptable design for a new organ console which is to be positioned in the North Quire Aisle, above and behind the choir s
  6. Kenneth Tickell Manchester Cathedral, UK Kenneth Tickell and Company are proud to announce that they have been commissioned to build a new organ for the Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St Mary, St Denys and St George in Manchester. The new organ has been designed to enhance worship in both the chancel and nave of the cathedral, as well as being a distinguished concert and recital instrument. The musical and liturgical needs of a cathedral should govern the design and placement of an instrument, and for most of the working life of this cathedral an organ, or portions of an organ, have bee
  7. has anyone seen this blog from 2006 WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 01, 2006 My proposal for Canterbury Cathedral This scheme is based on what is proposed for Canterbury Cathedral: a rebuild of the existing Willis organ in the Quire Triforium with the addition of casework and a fourth manual, a new four manual Nave Organ and the provision of an East-End Chorus. The new Nave Organ is based on recent schemes adopted by Harrison & Harrison for new 40-50 stop installations in the USA. With regards to the fourth manual, given that this is a Nave Organ, I have opted for a Bombarde division rather
  8. I think It will be a harrison organ first and foremost with pipe work with saving and revoiced with possibly a screen case also using the tryforiums. The nave organ may be a 2-3 manual with a duplicate nave console.
  9. 5m means 5 manuals and NO you will not find any announcement as yet , word has come from H&H staff, work to start 2014.
  10. It looks like the rumor back in June is true and harrisons have been awarded the contract for NEW 5M organ at Canterbury cathedral using some pipework from the Hill/Willis/Mander instrument. i believe this also may include a new 2 manual organ in the Nave. work to start 2014.
  11. Ive heard but not sure if true. Canterbury Cathedral have awarded Harrison & Harrison the contract for a new organ in the Quire perhaps including original pipe work? Also Manchester will getting a Ken Tickell organ. Anyone got any news? Regards Neil
  12. Thanks Steve, i think it was a shame that this record was not transferred to CD, Allan wicks was in my view the finest organist in his time! the last few tracks will be uploaded soon. http://www.youtube.com/user/neilisgreatagain/videos
  13. Ah sorry, the Canterbury organ is not in this collection.
  14. Recordings of the Old Willis organ can be found at http://www.youtube.com/user/neilisgreatagain/videos
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