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  1. Please gentlemen, I am not trying to be rude or insensitive; but should one consider any of these specification are to be taken seriously? Do I just not get the joke? I cannot imagine anyone over here proposing anything close to these (USA). Forget Bach, I can't imaging trying to play Mendelsohn or Brahms on such an instruments.
  2. If I remember correctly, this is the one that has the totally lackluster performance of the DuPre Cortege. It was also a sonic disappointment through a very good set up (Maggie IVs, prototype Sunfire subwoofers, Threshold amps, Krell CD player). The recording did not begin to give a true sense of this instrument. Restoration is now underway (Keats-Geisler, I think--odd choice to me). Unfortunately, the instrument had been subjected to malignant neglect even before the fire/water damage, etc. Last time I played (early 80s), it was a mess. All told, including the building's structural damag
  3. (Please pardon the untimely reply.) The American liking for lots of celestes well in evidence here, I see. I don't mind that personally. >>I couldn't agree more. This instrument warrants two, no more. I find celestes are like descants, effective in inverse proportion to their use. I could have been worse though: Remember the Wanamaker has 90 (sic!) ranks of celestes in the string division alone. Can't remember off hand what the grand total is for that thing. Not sure I feel comfortable with virtually all of the Pedal being borrowed. (Or is it, Midmer-Losh-like, really the
  4. I can assure you, I am not S. Bournias, whoever he may be. Take it he must have rocked the boat a bit. adlg
  5. Although I have heard of no buyer for L and T, I cannot imaging the Wanamaker organ would be much of a selling point. More to the point, I've heard the building itself is far past its prime, to the point where restoration would never be cost effecient. I suppose eventually the organ will be broken up. (Can you imaging building a venue for today? But then, I've never been its biggest fan--even though I did play it once back in the 60s. I was underwhelmed. Perhaps its' because of its strong association with Virgil Fox--a man for whom I held personal animus. More likely, it's because the Harvard
  6. Gentlepersons: I happened across this board quite by accident, and can think of no better place to pose my question than here. To wit, we have a new cathedral organ; and I would really like to know what CoE organists think of if. Would anything like this have ever come to pass in a provincial Anglican cathedral in GB today? Even in modern history? Now that it has been installed and properly regulated, I will have to say that parts of it are really quite good. Judiciously registered, the Great, Choir, and Pedal are perfectly up to handling Bach, et al.; and it can adequately handle the
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