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  1. Proms 2017

    Board members might be interested to know that the Dunedin Consort performance of the St John Passion on August 20 will include some Bach and Buxtehude (somewhat truncated for practical reasons) organ solo pieces in liturgical contexts. Live broadcast on R3 and also televised on BBC 4.
  2. Aubertin comes to Sussex

    Joanna March Griffiths is also a very fine composer. She's written some excellent organ solo works, among many other things, which are worth anyone's time. She's also done a huge amount to promote music in the UAE in general.
  3. Aubertin comes to Sussex

    Yes, for the third manual stops. Like St John's Oxford.
  4. Aubertin comes to Sussex

    Dulcineau (Dulcimeau. perhaps - I think NPOR may be wrong with this name) - as I recall (it was some months ago and I had a lively toddler with me) it's quite a gentle register. A fuller version of a Voix Humaine maybe, quite 'vocal' in conception. Recordings - I think I can say that this is not entirely out of the question. But it won't be for quite a while yet.
  5. Aubertin comes to Sussex

    Yes, I've played it; it's not 'to be' installed, it's aready in and has been for some months now. It's very fine indeed - visually and sonically. It's in a purpose built music room with top notch acoustic design. More than that it's up to the owners to tell you, but I'll let them know it's been spotted.....
  6. Appointments 2

    he's on sabbatical
  7. George Baker Toccata Gigue on the Sussex Carol

    It's for sale via his website. And whoever played it at King's in 2009 will have it too....
  8. New organ for Cambridge

    I played in the first inauguration event yesterday - David Titterington (consultant) is playing the opening public recital this evening and I'll be playing a concert in the first series next year. It's very fine indeed. A varied and colourful specification, beautifully scaled for the chapel, and a subtle and responsive action too. A lot of organ has been fitted into a very modest space ad the demands of accompaniment haven't been overlooked - it made a lovely job of Parry's Hear my Words sung the by the excellent chapel choir. Plans are in progress for regular recitals in the next 12-18 months so there will be plenty of chances to hear it. And I'd be surprised if a recording doesn't happen once the instrument has settled in a bit.
  9. Help identifying instrument

    Thanks both! Yes, I think it's St Mark's - very grateful for both your replies.
  10. This seems like the best place to ask. Sorting out old scores and came across a battered old copy of Dieu Parmi Nous which I used for an FTCL exam in the early 80s - I'm curious/nostalgic to find out where it might have been. I have dim memories of the organ being a three manual Walker in a gallery, and that it was a stop key console. Very badly yellowed keys. It was somewhere near Maida Vale, I think. Cursory search on NPOR doesn't help much - does this description sound familiar to anyone here? Very grateful for any leads..... Thanks!
  11. Kenneth Leighton - Communion Service

    No reply yet - he's a busy guy, runs his own recording company, so it may be a while..
  12. Kenneth Leighton - Communion Service

    A colleague of mine has a PhD on Leighton's music so if anyone knows he will - I'll ask him.
  13. Organ Music and Rivers

    There's a piece called Underground Stream in one of the Albright Organ Books - Vol 2 I think.
  14. Anthem suggestions please

    Howells, I love all beauteous things. Trickier than Stopford or Rutter, however. http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/175245
  15. Parables

    I see you had the Schutz already, sorry...