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  1. this looks fun, if you like Lego (which I very much do, having a small son around the place) https://ideas.lego.com/projects/50ad334b-fc10-4e8e-b1f1-a4c74fb3b80b?fbclid=IwAR1KjhWNpS4Is3gnZ9_L3pZkYpGqpl_eIfc33Jh4BnwQsip0vdPzkXnwakE
  2. Henle and Wiener Urtext are to the best of my knowledge free of misprints and incorporate necessary corrections - I've used Henle for the second and third without issues and read through the first from it, although I'm perfectly happy to be corrected on this point if someone knows different. I reviewed the Wiener Urtext somewhere, and again didn't find any errors. That was the basis for my assertion, rather than blind faith in modern publishing. But on the point of principle Darius hits the nail on the head. The only way to be absolutely sure of the accuracy of any edition is to get hold of th
  3. There’s probably not much to choose between the newer editions - either Henle or Wiener Urtext will be just fine. If Barenreiter have got round to the chorals, it will likewise be reliable in terms of scholarship, although I haven’t used it myself. There’s nothing particularly wrong with the old Durand really - if you have access to Rollin Smith and the list of misprints that text is perfectly OK. Just steer clear of Harvey Grace, invaluable effort as it was for its era. And Dupre is not perhaps first choice. The two Rollin Smith books are invaluable background reading, if you can get hold of
  4. Maxwell Davies Reliqui Domum Meum is lovely, and very straightforward - manuals only. There's also a lovely Veni Creator by him, and the Three Voluntaries on Scottish Hymn Tunes are not hard (but they are quite austere). The Macmillan Meditation is very much worth a look, likewise the Wedding Introit. And the slow mvt of the St Andrew's Suite is gorgeous. Most of his other pieces are on the continuum tricky - fiendish, although worth every bit of effort.
  5. And I think there’s a piece by Daniel Roth, Joies, douleurs et gloire de Marie - I’ve never played it though....
  6. The Suite Mariale by de Maleingreau has a ‘Sept Douleurs’ movement. It’s still in print (and in copyright)... but you may find it takes a while to get hold of it.
  7. Yes. op 129 no 4. It’s on an LP of Jongen and Reger from Southwark by my old teacher Robert Munns which I listened to incessantly when I was a lot younger.....
  8. Reger Melodia - Op 129, I think.
  9. Excellent! Glad it worked out.
  10. https://www.bardic-music.com/index.html Any use?
  11. I’m pretty sure Kevin Bowyer plays the Trio Sonata.
  12. Try Daniel Cook at Durham - they’re on his Priory discs.
  13. Yes, that’s me. Thanks Owen - these are very good ideas. S
  14. Hi folks. I'm in need of a capable page-turner (possibly who is able to act as occasional registrant too) for some recording sessions in St Giles' Cathedral Edinburgh on the evenings of Feb 11 and 12 - contemporary British repertoire of some difficulty, so page-turning it can't be busked. My usual sources of help are not available on this occasion. If any forum members might be able to help, do please drop me a PM - the sessions might finish quite late as there's a lot to do in two evenings. We can of course discuss payment as required- beer, food, money, or a combination thereof. Thanks!
  15. I think Mit Fried und Freud is the only Candlemas-appropriate one - austere (but wonderful).
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