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  1. I have been associated with the organ of Bridlington Priory since the late seventies. The Solo Clarinet has not been a free beating reed since I have known the instrument. I have not come across any reference to it being altered by any previous builders but it was certainly not discarded by Nicholson. Guy Russell.
  2. I think, many years ago, there was something like this in the Church of St John the Baptist, Feckenham.
  3. Sorry pcnd5584, if you re-read my FB reply to your question about Llandaff Swell you will find that I said both sections were in the same expression box. The Swell had only one pedal to work the shutters. G.
  4. Robert Quinney is giving the opening recital on the now completed Llandaff Cathedral organ in Friday 8th November at 7.30pm. The program will include Elgar's Organ Sonata in G. There will be a big screen. Tickets available on the door.
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