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  1. It is amazing how quickly and completely the original thread can get lost!! FF
  2. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> For the sake of history I do not have square thumbs or fingers and most organists seemed to prefer round pistons so for various reasons HNB reverted to round pistons around 1973. FF
  3. Having added a couple of electronic pedal stops on instruments in my time it is simply up to the organ builder to stipulate (hopefully if he knows his job) a pitch and a volume control, but keep the volume control out of the way of the organist! FF
  4. Having done a great deal of experimenting with extension, a great lot depends on the pipework and voicer. If you have a metal cnnister flute, tuned at the ears for the 8 & 4, and a conical Gemshorn for the 4 & 2 and the right voicer, the result can be spectacular and musical. FF
  5. Back in the days of the large firms, most of them had an `engineering workshop' of some sort where the ironwork components etc. were manufactured. i.e. reed stay supports, bellows counterbalances and supporting brackets, but I don't think there was anything to compare with Compton's set up. FF
  6. This was a great idea and various other devices such as in the foot of a large pipe, a circular piece of card on a dowell that could be rotated or a cord wrapped round a dowell that could be `wound in' to increase the wind way obstruction did the trick but so often it was simply blocks of wood jammed in the foot of the pipe that meant the pipe had to be heaved out to make any adjustment. This was fine in the `good old days' but with modern heating and resulting lack of humidity, these stopping blocks could shrink, fall out on to the pallet below causing all sorts of problems and often need
  7. This is perfectly true, I was `standing by' for Roy Massey and was with him when it happened. The further facts were that the Judge was trying a very sensitive sexual assult case involving a young girl who was giving evidence. His Lordship found the sound of the organ distracting in the Courtroom and wanted silence - he got it. Afterwards the Judge came into the hall and courteously explained to us what had happened and seemed to have been delighted to have met the illustrious Roy Massey wishing him well for his recital. FF
  8. I hate to appear to be niggly but as far as I know Robbie Cleaver was only an ARCO but whatever he had was immaterial he was a wonderful performer - in church or cinema. FF
  9. I don't know if J.W.Walker & Sons or anyone other builders were actually kept alive by subcontracting Compton's work, but they had a massive cinema work load and in order to keep to delivery dates work was farmed out which undoubtedly topped up other companies order books. It has always been difficult to find out exactly what the situation was but I was always told, rightly or wrongly, that much of the old Compton BBC Theatre Organ was manufactured by Walkers. FF
  10. I have been following this site with interest. It started out dealing with Hill Norman & Beard's problems and seems to have turned into a Henry Willis site dealing with recording matters along the way. All very interesting but way off the original theme and confusion for anyone new seeking information as detailed by the discussion heading. Frank Fowler
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