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  1. The RAH are now also taking bookings for an organ concert by John Scott on the following evening, Wednesday, October 22nd. I had been wondering whether to go to the Cameron Carpenter concert to find out for myself what he's like but, as I don't live in London, I don't want to go on 2 consecutive nights so John Scott is the one I'll go for. Dave Mills
  2. I have just checked the Royal Albert Hall web site to see if there is an organ recital this October, and Cameron Carpenter is booked to perform there on Tuesday October 21st. Dave Mills
  3. I don't know if there is something strange about my setup but, if I view the NEWS section using FIREFOX, which is the browser I normally use, then the new item to which Rachel refers does not appear - the latest item is the one about the open day last November. I have tried refreshing the page using <SHIFT> and the reload button to make sure I'm not accessing an old version in my own cache, but that makes no difference. However, I have just tried using Internet Explorer, and I do then see this latest item. Is anybody else experiencing this problem? I think tha
  4. I would also like to extend my thanks to Manders for a super day which my wife and I both enjoyed enormously. Seeing the St. Paul's console has whet my appetite for a return visit there, once work on the organ is complete. (The last time we were at St. Paul's was for an organ demonstration in mid 2004, which we thoroughly enjoyed although we didn't get to hear the royal trumpets. We managed to time our visit to coincide with the period when they had been removed during the cleaning of the stonework, and most of the nave was covered in scaffolding!) Thanks again. Yesterday was a day I
  5. Although I don't post very often, I follow the discussions most evenings and am pleased the Discussion Board is up and running again. I would also like to thank Mander's and NetBenefit for getting it going again. Dave Mills
  6. The Birmingham City web site has a section about the Town Hall renovations, (http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/GenerateContent?CONTENT_ITEM_ID=37460&CONTENT_ITEM_TYPE=0&MENU_ID=27) and these pages definitely imply that the renovation of the organ is included in the plans for the building work, with the contract having been awarded to Mander Organs. Also, last time I walked past the Town Hall, albeit a year ago, the organ was mentioned on the information notices on the hoardings. It is some time since the Town Hall web pages were updated so I hope that the work on the organ is still going to
  7. This reminds me of an anecdote told by Professor Ian Tracey at the opening recital of a school organ. He had been asked to play at a friend's wedding and the final piece was to be Widor's Toccata. It wasn't until he arrived at the church that he discovered that the organ didn't have pedals. He ended up having to get a friend to play the pedal line on the lower end of the manual! As to the Widor being done to death, I've heard that piece many a time and it gives me a thrill every time I hear it. I never tire of it. Ian Tracey played it at the above recital and he played it a couple of wee
  8. I am also disappointed to learn that the facade pipes are not going to be restored. In recent years, the auditorium has been beautifully restored, including the reinstatement of a decorative plaster cove which had been removed about 60 years previously and, following the stirling work by Mander Organs, the organ now sounds absolutely magnificent, both as a solo instrument and when accompanying an orchestra. In view of all that, it seems a great shame, now that the organ case is going to be restored, to stop short of restoring the facade pipes, which would be the icing on the cake. I c
  9. Thanks very much for your reply. I look forward to hearing the Royal Trumpets at a future visit to St. Paul's. Dave Mills
  10. Last May I attended a demonstration, which I thoroughly enjoyed, of the organs in St. Pauls Cathedral. The only disappointment was that I had hoped they would use the Royal Trumpets and John Scott told us that normally they would have done, but, unfortunately, they had been removed temporarily to enable cleaning of the stonework in the nave. Does anyone know whether the trumpets are back in place yet, or when they are likely to be reinstated? Thanks, Dave Mills
  11. Now that the new Bulletin Board is up and running, I too would like to add my congratulations on the refurbishment of the RAH organ, having had the pleasure of attending all 3 concerts on the inaugural weekend. The only time I had previously heard the organ being played live was at a Classical Spectacular in November 2003, only a few weeks before it was closed for the refurbishment, and the difference between then and now is just amazing. I fully expected to be impressed at the opening concerts but the experience far exceeded my expectations. It was superb! I have since heard the organ o
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