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    Organ music, brass bands, violin music, any music actually whatsoever so long as it doesn't contain oboes.<br /><br />
  1. As a university organ scholar, I was always skint and used whatever I had on at the time... trainers (when feeling sloppy) Doc Martins when I wasn't! Was fine with any Bach work, but the pedals came off worse when I was attempting the pedal solo on the Paganini Variations, as this requires double foot glissandos. All the best, MB
  2. I was in a bit of a silly mood when I first made this point, but I really did have serious point: are there real alternatives to lead pipes? Someone suggested aluminium pipes, but are these viable? What do they sound like? Is there a difference? (Excuse my lack of knowledge in this area). Are there any other 'new' materials (advanced plastics, carbon fibre, etc) which might be able to compete? Cheers, MB
  3. So what alternatives to lead pipes? Try looking at http://www.petersontuners.com/news/bbo/index.cfm (sorry just being facetious) MB
  4. As someone who classes themselves as a half decent organist and pianist, I feel that it is perfectly acceptable to be able to play both so long as: 1) You realise and make adjustments for the differences between the instruments 2) You don't attempt to play similar repertoire on both 3) You enjoy and work at different instrument-specific techniques. I play jazz piano with a little romantic on the side; whilst on the organ I play Baroque with a little French stuff to keep me on my toes... but I never attempt to play organ music on the piano or vice versa. Does anyone else work like this? MB
  5. Looking at this carefully, I don't see anything stopping us making brand new tracker organs which have hand bellows; then a week later upgrading the organ to have an electric pump. This way, the pump is seen as a completely different entity to the organ; it is made legally. You don't even have to make the hand bellows work- you can put this down to design error. Just a thought... MB
  6. This was an urban legend at a firm of organ builders that I used to work for, but knowing the people involved I'm sure it happenned... Having been called out to investigate a cipher at an RC church the builders had found that once again some of the leather had broken on a pallet. When the priest enquired why it had gone wrong, the organ builder [who was a couple of ranks short of a mixture] said... "I think its because of all of the incest you have here" Luckily, the priest was said to have laughed it off, but I think the other organ builder had to run from the loft in hysterics! MB
  7. Not forgetting the Organists' Motto: Practise while he preaches! MB
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