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  1. I have been intrigued by the varying posts about a player from the USA - Nathan Laube. I must confess his name is quite new to me All best wishes, Nigel The name Nathan Laube can't be that new to you Nigel - you are Facebook friends with him!!! but you have so many FB friends - maybe he slipped into rather than through the net!!
  2. As a friend of Nathan Laube, I would like to write one final time on this matter. I agree with Nigel that I couldn't care less if a musician plays from the score or not, to come to a point where the score in not required is however standard for top grade performers on most other instruments in recital or concert. In the case of students from Curtis Institute (where Nathan studied) it is also standard teaching to learn to play the organ from memory. What I personally find miraculous is the massive number of registration changes which are also accomplished from memory, and in Nathan's case u
  3. we are getting off the point here When can Colin Mitchell (alias Musing Muso) post a video on Youtube of him playing the Reubke at St Joseph's Ingrow??? If he hasn't got a camera a decent "high end" phone will do!
  4. well I hope Mr Mitchell can sort his equipment out soon - a reasonable video recording (as long as the camera can have it's automatic sound level turned off) with a remote microphone works well. Looking forward to hearing St Joseph's organ soon.
  5. I too would love to hear a recording of the Ingrow organ - Mr Mitchell must have recorded himself playing something, and I'm sure he or somebody could post it to You tube? Maybe a bit of Bach or Buxtehude - maybe not the Reubke then?!!
  6. I have read, with some amusement Mr Mitchell's comments and also found his biography very interesting, - incredible! I look forward to hearing of his next recital, and hope it includes the Reubke, obviously played from memory! Perhaps it would not go so well at his home church of St Joseph's Ingrow - with only 11 stops at his disposal! This type of forum is a wonderful place for people to parade all sorts of "cyber" talents, whilst hidden behind a shield of near anonymity. My support will always go to those who are doing something worthwhile, and life enhancing in the real world.
  7. I arranged Nathan's UK tour and was with him for many of his long rehearsals, and can honestly say I have never encountered such a brilliant technique coupled with superb musicianship. Perhaps Musing Muso should refrain from judging an organist from You Tube clips - which are often posted without the permission or even knowledge of the player. Musing Muso should also try and attend one of Nathan's recitals in the UK - There will be more soon! The first of which is on November 29th At St Michael's Cornhill.
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