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  1. Thanks, that would make sense - is there also a crotchet under that note, possibly an "E"?
  2. Hello, I have the Durand edition of Vierne's 24 Pieces, and in Vol 1, No.4 "Epitaphe" bar 33 there is a white space in the right hand 1st beat (it actually looks liake a bad photocopy at this point). There is a slur in the rh that starts just above this space; is there a note missing? Thanks
  3. Thanks 'Vox Humana' ; that registration is pretty much along the lines I am thinking of at present.
  4. I am learning the passacaglia and fugue, and wondered what thought others had on registration. I want to keep it fairly simple, with perhaps manual changes (Gt. Principals 8 & 4, with Pos. Principals 8 & 4) for the first few pages, and then using a lighter flute reg. with a principal chorus/plenum from b. 128. It all has to be hand registration, as I don't "approve" of pistons etc. for Bach!
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