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  1. I'm not sure that "equivalent" is a fair term to use here. Whilst one might benefit from provided accommodation in terms of immediately reduced outgoings on account of said accommodation, one potentially loses the longer term opportunity of investing in one's own estate. Whilst I it is fair to reckon to offset some expenses when accommodation is provided, it isn't fair to consider such an offset in terms of a 1:1 ratio. Moreover, whilst the use of a property within the cathedral's estate may seem like a privilege, for all that privilege, the occupant may have otherwise chosen to live elsewhere
  2. The Prelude was an ABRSM Grade 5 piece in 1993. I know because I played it in that exam!
  3. Except, I understand, accommodation in cases where it is an occupational requirement/condition of service that one lives in accommodation provided for the necessary fulfilment of duties, e.g. house parents in a school, a minister of religion living in a house specified for their role.
  4. Almost twenty years ago, when the composer Anwen Lewis and I were delivering “Organ Works”, a Key Stage 2 educational project at the Bridgewater Hall, the attached console of the Marcussen organ played an important role. That the console is physically part of the instrument helped the children to understand that they were encountering not just some sound-producing machine, but an organ, a unity with which they could interact in a tactile way. On their first visit to the hall, I used to guide the children to play a key on the Positive 8ft Principal, Gedeckt or Quintadena (IIRC). It seem
  5. Very sad news. My thoughts and prayers are with the company and all others who will be impacted by this.
  6. Yes. When I was MD at St Andrew’s, North Oxford, it was as, if not more likely, that a wedding couple from the congregation would request band-led music than the organ (although often this was in addition to, rather than instead of, the organ). Such engagements did not feature as a part of the ‘general duties’ of the band. I mention this because the participation of individuals in ‘the band’ (in reality, a collective of about 40 musicians who indicated their availability and whose involvement I programmed) was voluntary. So, their involvement at a wedding would be on the same basis. As th
  7. Details at: https://viscountorgans.net/contra-bourdon-for-buckfast-abbey/
  8. I had the privilege of reading the fascinating correspondence between Edward Bairstow and Arthur Harrison concerning the rebuilding of the organ in Leeds Parish Church. This was in Harrison & Harrison’s archive. From my recollection, Bairstow was anything but a passsive client when it came to matters of tonal design and the disposition of the console. In particular, I recall their correspondence featured a polite but robust conversation concerning the arrangement of the stops: ease of hand registering was a strong driver for Bairstow. I think that Bairstow wanted the swell stops to be
  9. Recently announced on Škrabl's website, a new IV/48 organ 'following the work of' Cavaillé-Coll, using 'only part of' the existing instrument: http://www.skrabl.co.uk/news-item.asp?NID=42
  10. Nicholsons are to undertake a major rebuild, including replacing the mechanical actions with electro-pneumatic: http://www.nicholsonorgans.co.uk/portfolio/rugby-rugby-school-chapel/
  11. Some further details are available here: http://fhbrowneandsons.co.uk/portfolio/st-john-the-evangelist-mongeham/
  12. F.H. Browne have recently published the following picture of their new organ for Mongeham
  13. Simon Leach, currently organist of the Holy Name (Manchester), to be organist of St Mary's Catholic Cathedral, Edinburgh. https://www.stmaryscathedral.co.uk/news/2018/5/10/sixth-sunday-of-easter-year-b
  14. I salute you: what brilliant, bold, and forthright post! You've almost convinced me to change my mind.
  15. It is interesting to compare the tonal resources of the two organs of this thread. As regards tierce registrations, Manchester offers three options (Gt Cornet; Pos Cornet decomposé; Choir Sesquialtera) which - I believe - can be used on three separate manuals by means of a Choir on Solo transfer (not listed on the builder's website, but which I have seen on a photograph of the screen console). However, whilst such comparisons are practically relevant to some aspects of the performance of repertoire, a crucial consideration is that these two instruments have been built and are being rebuilt fro
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