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  1. Have a look on the NPOR at St. Mary the Virgin, North Leigh, Oxfordshire D05033. An 1861 Willis moved there by Bishop in the 1990's - there is a console photograph.
  2. Positif Press

    I ordered a few books last year via a telephone call to John Brennan - it's the number which I'm sure is quoted on the dormant website.
  3. Most bizarre specifications?

    Three Quint ranks and no Great Open - wonder how that works when accompanying a big crowd... There appears to be a far more intriguing instrument in the village....
  4. Trinity College Oxford

    Thanks for finding this interesting document.
  5. Trinity College Oxford

    Anybody know what is happening here?
  6. Studley Royal, and Skelton cum Newby, are worth a look on the NPOR.
  7. Diapasons and Flutes

    The recently restored 1876 Willis in Glasgow's Cottier Theatre has a chorus of Harmonic Flutes on the Great, at 8, 4, & 2ft pitches - there are no problems of blend, even in less orthodox combinations. The wooden Claribel appears on the Choir, with matching open wood ranks at 4 & 2ft. Not a single unenclosed stopped flute.
  8. Very pleased to read of this progress. I remember acquainting myself with this instrument twenty-eight years ago at Cragg Vale and enjoying it immensely. It occurred to me that it was actually an Isaac Abbott instrument, with an attractive script-engraved metal nameplate. May it flourish for many decades to come - in a home where it will be appreciated.
  9. St Peter's Seminary Cardross

    The organ was installed by Hilsdon of Glasgow, cobbled up from bits and pieces lying about their workshop. The organ was subsequently quarried for said bits and pieces after the seminary fell into disuse.
  10. Haydn Keeton

    Another of Keeton's better- known pupils was Grantham-born G. T. Pattman, perhaps most famed nowadays for commissioning the H&H "travelling organ" in 1916, after holding a succession of posts which included Bridlington Priory and St. Mary's Cathedral Glasgow.
  11. UK 5-manuals?

    But the console (very comfortable to play as others have said) pictured on the eBay sight looks identical to the Doncaster example.....
  12. Organ Music and Rivers

    Severn Suite - Elgar. There's a recent new edition by Jeremy Cull.
  13. Organ Music and Rivers

    Not really close to Old Father Thames, but BWV 653 or "Scenes from the Wye" by Frederic Wood?? Good luck.
  14. New organ for Cambridge

    In terms of assessing what the priorities are when compiling a stoplist for a new two-manual instrument with 20+ stops, the proposed H&H scheme for St. Andrew's Bedford makes quite a comparison with the Flentrop under discussion here. The appeal leaflet for that instrument is available on line.
  15. New organ for Cambridge

    With new (and fairly substantial) two-manual instruments still being built with (in my view) the very limiting provision of Open Diapason and Stopped Diapason as the only Great unison flues I would personally be glad of a Salicional-type stop as a third 8ft register. I'm sure that the stop as proposed here will prove its worth, both on its own terms and as an effective colouring timbre to the companion 8fts - not to mention some less orthodox combinations I'm sure....