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  1. I have with immediate effect forbidden my organ-blower vinegar on his intra-evensong 6d bag of chips. Will this help?
  2. They are indeed indipensible, and in my view ought to be regulated carefully so that they do not drop down of their own accord, yet can be flipped out of the way when neccessary by a gentle passing movement of a spare finger. Someone uses our instrument tightens them as if they were retaining part of a high-pressure steam system. I have never before had a forum in which to complain about this: many thanks, esteemed colleagues!
  3. I rather fancy 'Abide with me' to 'Woodlands'. Altogether now... 'POM! Abide with MEEE, fast falls the-e eventiiide'
  4. Many thanks for your replies! What would be the best way to get in touch with Mr. (Dr.?) Thistlethwaite? The organ is a remarkable one, quite umolested, and in good 1906 voice as far as one can tell. Despite its modest disposition, it was clearly carefully designed for the largish building. My interest in its predecessor is based on a wish to write a brief historical pamphlet on the history of the organs in the church, partly for the delight of the Local History group.
  5. This church contains a delightful 1906 Hill organ, built to replace the original instrument lost in a fire in 1904. Those interested might wish to gaze on this I'm trying to find out some details of the original organ, which was probably installed 1874-6 or so, when the church was first built. I've been in touch with the British Organ Archive, and we are also having a look at old parish records, but so far without success. I thought I'd ask the company here assembled on the off-chance that anyone either knows anything about this, or has ideas on how to find out anything. Any t
  6. Looking through Frederick W. Thornsby's 1912 'Dictionary of Organs and Organists', I find very few lady organists. Alma Shuttleworth, of Morton Parish Church in Dumfriesshire, interestingly lists her recreations as shooting, cycling and photography.
  7. Well found indeed! Tune, words and era match perfectly, as does the hymn's position in the 'For the Young' part of A&M Revised. I'm surprised I got through prep school without having to sing it!
  8. Sounds like a great deal of fun. Is there such a group in Manchester, I wonder?
  9. Sounds like an absolute riot. Is there such a gang in Manchester?
  10. Good evening! I'm new to this forum and thought that a list of hymns I like, and which have not been previously mentioned on this thread, might be a suitable introduction. Maybe not. Anyhow: Lord God, thou art our maker and our end Morestead This is the image of the Queen (unbowdlerised) Iver Holy Spirit, ever dwelling Salisbury O Holy City, seen of John Sancta Civitas You, Living Christ, our eyes behold Palace Green O perfect love, all human thought tracending Highwood Praise to the Holiest i
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