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  1. Thanks for the information on the case. I will update the NPOR survey/s.
  2. I am surprised to see that there is no information in any of the 3 NPOR Hull City Hall surveys about the impressive case on this organ. Can anyone contribute a suitable entry. This needs to be very concise as long entries are not used.
  3. Gundel-Putz seems fairly benign [ http://www.objectsofuse.com/products/work/gundel-putz-stropping-polishing-paste#.VEJDsxZgGSo ]. Unipol seems to be abrasive (like Autosol a favourite used to remove rust from chrome on cars & bikes) [ http://www.hollisonsupply.co.uk/unipol-metal-polish-50ml.html ] HOWEVER see [ http://www.weiblen.de/en/materials/cleaning-and-polishing/unipol-metal-polish/ ] from organ builder supplier!
  4. I have a player piano which is heavy (probably c1/4 tonne or so) & a new natural oak engineered floor floating on insulating underlay. This is not a good combination for metal rollers to stand or move on. I have fitted 6 compo. castors supplied by our tuner. 4 where the original castors were & 2 further ones along the back of the frame. This distribution prevents damage or floor 'creep' when the piano is moved. Bear in mind they will raise the load by about 1/2 - 2/3 the height of the original metal rollers. Fit as many as you need to the load all at the same level but make sure there are strong handling point on the organ frame. You will also need two people to move the instrument as having multiple wheels does not make it easy to 'aim'! There is at least one specialist piano castor supplier with a wide range on the web. Jeff D
  5. After hearing Ian Tracy's recital at St Jude's last Wednesday it is clear why the Hill would be unsuitable for the new development. The vast scale & volume of the voicing is really too great for the current accoustic let alone for the development which will reduce the volume of the bulding by over a half. I understand what makes the Aberystwyth Harrison ideal is it's compact size & suitable voicing scale. JeffD
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