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  1. The comment made by handsoff is a statement of fact and I am sure meant no disrespect. The demise of the pipe organ in Pershore Abbey is I believe a sad tale.
  2. Hereford. I turned pages at this recording which due to Melville Cook's imminent departure to Winnipeg was recorded in one evening session!
  3. I think 'FA' in Coventry and Exeter reviews is likely to be Felix Aprahamian. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felix_Aprahamian
  4. Quite an array of talent in this series at St John's College Cambridge http://www.sjcchoir.co.uk/TrifoldReplacement003.pdf
  5. There is a series on Sunday evenings at St Paul's Cathedral from 27th February http://www.organrecitals.com/1/recitals0.php?venue=stpauls
  6. Repeat of broadcast can be found here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsi...000/9327470.stm I cannot identify the Bach piece.
  7. I emailed a compalint to the BBC asking what other programme they would cut short in mid-item and suggesting the end of the voluntary could have replaced the closing announcement. I got a response today:- "Thanks for your correspondence regarding ‘Choral Evensong’ broadcast on 11 August. We raised your concerns with Abigail Appleton, Head of Speech Programmes, BBC Radio 3 and she replies: “I'm very sorry that due to a misunderstanding in the London studio the Organ Voluntary was faded out too early. We usually broadcast the whole of the service regardless of whether it means coming to the next programme a little late. Please be assured it will be broadcast in full when 'Choral Evensong' is repeated this Sunday 15 August." Thanks again for taking the time to contact us. Kind Regards BBC Audience Services[/i]
  8. Archive broadcast of 1989 Choral Evensong today http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00t20vj
  9. Latest information http://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/support-u...-organ-campaign
  10. Please note my sentence started "Whilst it is always good to see any instrument being restored" so I consider your response is unfair and still fails to tell me why this instrument might be "the nation's Great Concert Hall Organ" as opposed to others in my far from comprehensive list ( I did say "to name but a few"). I am keen to learn and wish them well.
  11. Another arrangement by Louis Robilliard in addition to Rogg and Reger
  12. Whilst it is always good to see any instrument being restored can some one explain why this one is so special becuase when I last heard it 30+ years ago I seem to remember it just seemed like the usual heavy Arthur Harrison instrument. As for it being "the nation's Great Concert Hall Organ" I think the cities of Birmingham (2), Bristol Liverpool, Leeds, Leicester, to name but a few, might challenge that statement!
  13. Found this (arr. Reger): I think I prefer the real thing as played by Horowitz:
  14. The version on the Kevin Bowyer CD appears to be an arrangement by Reger whereas the DGW performance is the Lionel Rogg version. In the CD notes David Gammie comments "in his preface to his more recent transcription (1988) Lionel Rogg justifiably suggests the end result sounds more like Reger than Liszt; in this new version he has tried to remain as faithful as possible to the original score, taking insparation from Liszt's own style of writing for the organ". I have not heard the Reger version so cannot comment further. I beleive the Léonce de Saint-Martin CD mentioned earlier is yet another arrangement.
  15. Gillian Weir plays it a lot and gave a thrilling account in St Paul's a couple of years ago. She has recorded it at the RAH on Priory 859.
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