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  1. Quite an array of talent in this series at St John's College Cambridge http://www.sjcchoir.co.uk/TrifoldReplacement003.pdf
  2. I agree with Paul Carr that the playing was stunning and breathtaking. For me the Bach came off better than the Elgar. I know Elagr Symphony 1 quite well and there were occasions when I found it difficult to follow what was going on but it could have been my ears and/or where I was sitting, and in saying that I would not wish to diminish the work involved in transcribing the symphony or the sheer virtuosity of the performer, or indeed the wide range of colour from the instrument. An event that was well worth £15.00 admission.
  3. I don't think this one has been posted on this thread - Widor Symphony 6(i) played by Daniel Roth at Saint Suplice. He does not appear to have the usual brace of registrants and is relying entirely on the unique(?) combination system. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKImiR7a4zw...feature=related
  4. I went to this concert on Tuesday and congratulations to all concerned especially the Bristol & District Organists Association (BDOA) for trying to keep this instrument going. I had not heard it for 40+ years and forgotten how magnificent and colourful it is. As Ian says in his original post - great flue choruses, strings galore, orchestral voices etc. Both console and hall are however looking a bit worse for wear. It was an excellent evening all round. Without denigrating the other performers who showed off mainly the choruses, Ian Ball lifted the programme to a new level by demon
  5. Music Maker - An appreciation of the life and work of Clifford Harker - Margaret Hilton Verona House Publications 382 Church Road, Frampton Cotterell, Bristol, BS36 2AB or through Amazon - key in ISBN 0 952 5015 2 X in the book search facility An affectionate account of this wonderful musician's work at Bristol Cathderal and three choral societies in Bristol and Bath, plus music making in the Middle East during WWII.
  6. It was made in 1978. I remember Clifford Harker used to refer to it as 'that dreadful film' but was amused that he received a fee of £90 for his small part in it. According to his biography, Music Maker (Margaret Hilton), the Dean and Chapter despite being paid by the film company were not best pleased that cassocks which had been loaned were returned in a poor state.
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