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  1. Hello Everyone The ongoing search for information about my Mother's cousin Walter Sargeant who was said to have been an organ builder from the 1930's or thereabouts has reached an astonishing stage. I had put out requests for information on various organ forums including the ABRSM "Viva Organ". These brought in many replies from people suggesting I looked on the National Pipe Organ Register website where, there indeed, was reference to Wally Sargeant who had worked for John Compton Organ Co. Our own forum member BARRY WILLIAMS kindly phoned me with amazing news that he KNEW Wally i
  2. Guten Abend Vielen dank I did find the book......and ordered it !! Stephen
  3. Would you know if anyone has for sale / knows where I can obtain a copy of David Junchen's masterly work of literature and research "The Encyclopedia of the American Theatre Organ Volume TWO" I have obtained Vol I and Vol III - would be nice to make up the trilogy. Just missed one last night on Ebay - by a couple of $ Thanks
  4. And here come the Mendels followed by the Mendels' son followed by Mr and Mrs Inuendo and their stupid son Dim Inuendo And from the theatre organists association, Mr & Mrs Inura, with a host of family members - the kith and KIN-URA (and judging by the previous posts on this thread - they are VERY late arrivals)
  5. Those of you who will have read about this on another thread may well say "oooooh, not again"..........sorry. Some while ago, two (now late) aunts told me (very confidentially) that a cousin of theirs WALTER SARGEANT had been a pipe organ builder Why wait all this time before telling me! However, the last time they had visited him, (early '50s) he was living in Orpington and had built a pipe organ into his home. I tried through Genes Reunited to find any further information but without success. By this time, no-one else in my family who would have known him was alive, and the rest of 'e
  6. Hello Introducing myself to the forum, I'm Stephen Austin from Poulton-le-Fylde, near Blackpool (well, someone has to be), Lancashire. Since a very early age, the organ has fascinated me - my earliest, if hazy recollection is going to church, right across the road from our house in Yiewsley, and sitting in the front pew, in front of which sat "the organist" screened from view by a blue curtain hung on a brass rail. My parents did not quite how to handle this child's desire to play an organ, and imagine my disgust when for my tenth birthday, I was given a Magnus Reed Organ - 12 chords
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