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  1. Edward Turner, currently Organ Scholar at Southwell Minster, to be ADoM at Derby from September. (According to a FB post today from The Choirs of Southwell Minster.)
  2. DHM


    Possibly the same post that I saw.
  3. DHM


    Thanks, both. That does indeed confirm what I thought was being referred to. But I was surprised not to have seen it publicly announced or discussed (e.g. on this board).
  4. Am I right in thinking that a firm based near Besançon is building a new organ for an educational establishment in Newcastle? I have seen a public tender document online which names the establishment and the builder.
  5. David Poulter is Director of Music. Prof Ian Tracey is Organist Titulaire. Both are listed on the Cathedral's staff page here: http://www.liverpoolcathedral.org.uk/home/about-us/cathedral-people/staff.aspx.
  6. According to a post on his Facebook page today, Luke Bond will move from Truro to Windsor as Asst DoM in Holy Week 2017.
  7. I would have thought *Lay* Canon rather than Honorary Canon. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think James Lancelot holds a similar position at Durham.
  8. Apologies if my simple question caused any offence.
  9. Any relation to Tony Pinel (ex-St Mary Redcliffe)?
  10. Interesting to see that it is a 2-year fixed-term appointment. Some chat on Facebook this morning among people in the area hinted that an appointment might have already been made, but no names were mentioned and I obviously can't comment further on that.
  11. I think one of the many comments on Blogspot implied that they would.
  12. I know very little, other than what one can read on the Blogspot post and the comments on it. Rumour has it (and I can't confirm this) that something like this was mentioned in the Job Spec for the new DoM.
  13. I was totally appalled to see this news from one of my favourite cathedrals today, where our daughter was one of their founding Girl Choristers. http://lackcompassion.blogspot.co.uk/
  14. Follow-up to my post #46: Kris Thomsett is now Acting DoM at Newcastle, following Michael Stoddart's departure to Auckland, New Zealand (Holy Trnity Cathedral).
  15. James Norrey to be the Michael James Assistant Sub-Organist at Rochester from January 2016 in succession to Ben Bloor. Ben, who joined us in September, has been appointed Organist of the London Oratory.
  16. Kris Thomsett, currently Organ Scholar at Salisbury, to be Assistant DoM at Newcastle Cathedral. Formerly 6th form Organ Scholar at King's, Rochester (and an excellent Alto in the Cathedral Voluntary Choir), then Chelmsford (gap-year) and Norwich (UEA).
  17. Douglas Tang (Kings, Cambridge) to be College Organist at Haileybury (according to Mr Tang's Facebook page today).
  18. Quote from the said Mr Noon's Facebook page today: "Very thrilled that from January I will be Director of Music at Exeter Cathedral."
  19. Ben Bloor, currently Organ Scholar at Westminster Cathedral, previously Organ Scholar at St George's Chapel, Windsor and New College, Oxford, to be the Michael James Assistant Sub-Organist at Rochester Cathedral from 1 September 2015. This new position replaces the posts of Cathedral Organist (currently held by Adrian Bawtree) and Organ Scholar (currently Jack Spencer).
  20. It has just appeared on the Exeter Cathedral website.
  21. Am I right in thinking there has been a recent change of musical management at St John's RC Cathedral in Norwich?
  22. Does anyone have news from the interviews at Chester earlier this week? I know two people who were short-listed but not successful.
  23. I'm not aware of either the No.1 or No.2 posts at Ely being (or shortly becoming) vacant, and would be surprised if they were. They were, however, advertising recently for an Assistant Organist to their Girls Choir (not the Cathedral Assistant Organist).
  24. "Vox Humana" might know. I remember him demonstrating it to me almost half a century ago.
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