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  1. Jim Treloar

    "THE" Toccata

    Of the 3 funerals I have attended this year, two of them finished with "the Widor" (the 3rd was secular). Like David Surtees, I recall somewhere that it was originally written with a funeral in mind. Some might find it inappropriate but I think it uplifting, life must go on, we have said our farewells and most people retire to a hotel afterwards for a meal and a friendly chat.
  2. Jim Treloar

    Wim van Beek

    I've just read of the passing of the well known Dutch organist at the age of 87, many years at Martinikerk, Groningen
  3. Jim Treloar

    New organ in Hamburg

    The new concert hall in Hamburg, the Elbphilharmonie opens this week, and it contains a Klais instrument. Google "Elbphilharmonie organ" for full details. Iveta Apkalna is the titulair I see.
  4. Jim Treloar

    Appointments 2

    I am reliably informed that David Poulter is to leave Liverpool as DoM.
  5. Jim Treloar

    Appointments 2

    It was indeed Roger Sayer - have you been in the organ loft at Chester?
  6. Jim Treloar

    Appointments 2

    Andrew Wyatt is now Deputy DOM at Chester following a brief time as assistant organist. Rachel Mahon ex organ scholar at St Pauls is now assistant organist.
  7. Jim Treloar

    Background noise at recitals

    The problem has been solved at the weekly Chester recitals. A charge is made and the many tourists are told about 25 minutes beforehand that the recital is to take place and if they're not wanting to come to it the nave will reopen at 2 o'clock. Vergers are placed at the door to take the tickets issued at the entrance desk. At 1.10 the door is shut and vergers are placed there to prevent anyone creeping in. The whole place is quiet for the whole of the recital, all sitting in the nave, also a tradition that applause is only at the end of the recital. Occasionally some visitors may not be aware of this but if they applaud after the first piece they realise that they're the only ones and the rest of the recital continues in silence. Any workmen have to suspend work for that hour, the only sound being the occasional ambulance or noisy vehicle outside. It has always made attending recitals a pleasure, and the numbers attending remains very acceptable in spite of the charge.
  8. Jim Treloar

    John Smith RIP

    Many on here, particularly those who will have been associated with the Organ Club, will be sad to hear of the passing of John Smith at the age of 84 following a fall and further complications. He had been a member since 1954 and was president in the late 70s. He was also secretary of the Brighton Association for many years.
  9. Jim Treloar

    Appointments 2

    Benjamin Chewter, assistant DoM Chester, will shortly be leaving "to become freelance". Advertisements for a replacement are already being placed.
  10. Jim Treloar

    Ronald Frost

    I heard today that Ronald Frost, long time organist at St Anne's Manchester died yesterday (30th Sept). I expect many here will have memories of him.
  11. Jim Treloar

    Sir David Willcocks (1919-2015)

    I take your point SL, but I think the difference is that today our army is made up of volunteers who are trained to to a very high degree, whereas in WW2 many of these brave men, DW included, were plucked from civilian occupations, including talented musicians, who in their youth probably never thought they would be put in the position they found themselves. I was referring to the many young men who now would never dream of having to fight in that way and would have great difficulty adjusting to that way of life. I hope that you agree with that.
  12. Jim Treloar

    Sir David Willcocks (1919-2015)

    His importance in the musical world have quite rightly been recorded above, but let's not forget his bravery in World War 2, culminating in the award of the MC. All this while still in his 20s, and like so many of his generation, he carried his bravery with modesty. One wonders whether there are sufficient people on their 20s these days who could defend their country in this way.
  13. Jim Treloar

    Cor Edskes

    He appears in the Fugue Films DVD of Durch organs including Groningen. (Plus 5 CDs) Well worth getting if you've not already got it. Fugue appear to have reduced the price at present.
  14. Jim Treloar

    Electronic substitute in a Cathedral ?

    Wrexham RC Cathedral has a 2-manual Rushworth and Dreaper of 1958 or 59 still working. I've never heard it so can't report on its condition or how it sounds. We have an RC organist in the area and he has never recommended us to go there - might tell you something.
  15. Jim Treloar

    Appointments 2

    Andrew Wyatt, presently assistant at Hexham Abbey, starts in Junne.