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  1. Forgot to mention the time - 1145
  2. Rachel Mahon is obviously in favour at the BBC as she is on the radio again this Saturday (11th) discussing organ matters. Just in case anyone has overlooked it, her CD of Canadian organ music played at Coventry is thoroughly recommended, The Gramophone mag's editor's choice in March.
  3. I have just read of the tragic passing of Jennifer Bate. I am sure there are many members of this forum more qualified than I to write of her achievemnts
  4. I agree with you entirely Colin, in fact I find the tone of the piano in such pieces aggravating. Bach is bad enough but Scarlatti is just ridiculous. Many years ago I wrote to the BBC saying how much I found it offensive but as always with the BBC it's like talking to a brick wall, I had no reply or acknowledgement.
  5. Standing ovation - Rachel Mahon received one at her final Chester Cathedral recital last September before leaving for Coventry, although some members were hesitant, not sure if it was the thing to do!
  6. By a sad coincidence at yesterday's London Organ Day at Bloomsbury chapel Isabelle Demers the Candian virtuoso organist played his arrangement of a Vivaldi Concerto in d minor. No one was aware of the sad news at that time.
  7. Of the 3 funerals I have attended this year, two of them finished with "the Widor" (the 3rd was secular). Like David Surtees, I recall somewhere that it was originally written with a funeral in mind. Some might find it inappropriate but I think it uplifting, life must go on, we have said our farewells and most people retire to a hotel afterwards for a meal and a friendly chat.
  8. I am reliably informed that David Poulter is to leave Liverpool as DoM.
  9. It was indeed Roger Sayer - have you been in the organ loft at Chester?
  10. Andrew Wyatt is now Deputy DOM at Chester following a brief time as assistant organist. Rachel Mahon ex organ scholar at St Pauls is now assistant organist.
  11. Benjamin Chewter, assistant DoM Chester, will shortly be leaving "to become freelance". Advertisements for a replacement are already being placed.
  12. Andrew Wyatt, presently assistant at Hexham Abbey, starts in Junne.
  13. Geoffrey Woollatt, currently number 3 at Chester, a very fine organist, is to replace Jeffrey Makinson at Manchester.
  14. Having heard a piece by Judith Weir this afternoon (what was all that about??) and the start of Brian's big noise this evening, I couldn't take any more and one wonders why they can't do something like this at the Proms, wonderful stuff.
  15. Maxime Patel - This is an extract from a DVD where he plays the complete Demessieux. Readily available and thoroughly recommended.
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