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  1. The story about GTB and Thiman reminds me of Sir Henry Wood's acquaintance H.C Tonking. Wood had organ lessons with him and thought very highly of him. Tonking was organist at Westminster Chapel,Buckingham Gate.However he was dismissed and before the first Sunday his successor was to play,he got into the organ and made certain alterations. He took Wood with him to the Sunday service and was delighted when the unfortunate organist selected soft stops for his prelude and was rewarded with 16ft and 8ft reeds plus 8 ranks of mixtures! Tonking thought it hilarious but Wood told him waht he thou
  2. [On a slightly different tack, do any of the more ancient contributors remember a BBC series on the Third Programme? It ran,so far as I remember, to six programmes in which well known British orgamists of the day improvised. I think Regimald Moore of Exeter Cathedral performed as did Charles Spinks. As a youth I was very impressed. I think the programme was designed to show that the French were not the only ones who could do it (even if they were the best). The broadcasts took place in the 1950's. It would be fascinating to hear them again.
  3. What would readers consider a good average number of weddings/funerals to play for each year at their own churches? I play about 12 weddings and perhaps 10 funerals per year at my small church in Gloucester.As a young man (1960/70) when marriage was more popular than co-habitation,I looked with envy at colleagues who seemed to have about 2 or 3 weddings each week in their church. One chap was so bored with the thought of having to play 4 or 5,he would pass them on to me. A welcome bonus for a young married school teacher! NB If the topic seems a little sordid for some of our readers, I am
  4. I have 4 books by Reginald Whitworth. The most substantial is"The Electric Organ"which treats of the development and application of electricity to the organ.His other works are:Organ Stops and their Use,The Cinema and Theatre Organ andA Student's Guide to the Organ.
  5. I believe Alexandre Guilmant was an honorary FRCO. It would be interesting to see a list of those foreign musicians so honoured.
  6. I believe Alexandre was an honorary FRCO.It would be interesting to see a list of those foreign organists
  7. The article referred to in The Organ may be found in Vol46 Number 184
  8. Whilst watching a BBC programme about architectural salvage,I was intrigued to hear a dealer mention that he had had some "salvage"from the Albert Hall organ. I would be interested to hear what he got other than old tubing,wiring and split windchests.
  9. I did not mean "coffee table" book in a disparaging way. I meant to convey the impression of a well presented book that one woul be inclined to pick up. When I see the author's name and the publisher's, I know that content will be compelling reading and the quality of the book outstanding as regards the typography,illustrations etc. I look forward to getting a copy. Denis O'Connor
  10. I seem to remember that a book about the organ in the Royal Hall was going to be produced. If I remember correctly, it was described as a "coffee table"book. Preumably it would cover the history of the instrument and the music and musicians associated with it.Is such a book in preparation and, if so, when is it likely to be published.
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