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  1. The Rotunda article on Wallasey Town Hall was vol1 no.4 page five. Unfortunately the archive copy I have access to starts at page seven.... (Oh the frustration...)
  2. Discovered this old thread via a Google search. There is an instrument in New Zealand that goes by the name the Blitz organ. It is attributed to Willis, and is said to have been made of parts salvaged from bombed instruments around Liverpool and Wallasey, the bulk of it being from the Wallasey Town Hall. (One soundboard converted into two divisions). Prior to the Wallasey Town Hall the instrument was in Leinster House (Royal Dublin Society) and is said to be one of Father Willis's last instruments 1899. There are some photos of the damaged instrument in the Wallasey Town Hall, but no search s
  3. There was a company in Canada, 'The Compensating Organ Company,' that put out hybrid free reed / organ pipe instruments. The mouths had a sliding top lip also and a mechanism that according to the advertising, "and its special device is claimed to keep pipe and reed in perfect pitch in any temperature." (Unfortunately the only local example got squashed and is in storage awaiting the paperwork for its restoration.) I have a vague memory that the regulation of the rank of pipes (wooden Stopped Diapasons) could be altered also from the console - which would mean that the theory and practice goes
  4. Found it! Musical Opinion June and August 1943. Tales of the Sangro Valley - John Compton. (If you don't have it PM me, and I could send you images of the relevant pages.) CTT
  5. This is ringing a vague bell in the back of my skull and there did not seem to be any reference to it in the topic thread. Was this during WWII when John Compton was held in Italy as an enemy national or something? There was an article(s) in the Organ World section of the Musical Opinion written by an English organbuilder who was paroled to an Italian village during the war. He spent his 'spare' time repairing the pipe organ in the local church in time for their Christmas Day Mass, (or it could have been Easter).
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