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  1. Appointments 2

    Lee Ward to Liverpool
  2. Bbc singers new conductor

  3. Appointments 2

    Tom Corns is moving from Warwick to be the new #1 at Sheffield Cathedral
  4. Appointments 2

    James Lancelot is retiring from Durham this August
  5. Appointments 2

    He was at Chester for two days before resigning for personal reasons
  6. Appointments 2

    Sorry...... Maybe you're right Apologies false assumption
  7. Appointments 2

    Yes, son
  8. Appointments 2

    Many congratulations to Alex Binns currently organ scholar at Southwark Cathedral on his appointment as Number 2 at St. Edmundsbury!
  9. Appointments 2

    Yes, not only former Gloucester organ scholar, but current York organ scholar just getting a leg up!
  10. Appointments 2

  11. Help to choose an hymn book

    Just to let you know that the RSCM for whom I'm the Northern Regional coordinator, is running a 'which hymnbook should I choose?' at St Paul's, Sale, M33 7YA on Thursday 25th February 2016 starting at 7.30pm It will be run by Rev. Helen Bent - head of Ministerial Training at the RSCM
  12. RIP John Scott

    A solemn funeral liturgy will be held at St. Thomas' at 11am on Saturday 12. September
  13. RIP John Scott

    I gather his funeral details in the U.S. Are now known
  14. RIP John Scott

    David hi Whitlock sonata was a memorable piece played by John I was talking to Andrew Reid earlier this evening about John and Andrew said this was one of the best performances of this piece he had heard when John played it at Westminster Cathedral and Andrew commented that John used no generals and just went up and down the divisionals as necessary Simon
  15. RIP John Scott

    I knew John so well this is a great overwhelming shock I was at Catz the same time as he was at Johns We had some great laughs together one of which was playing football against the Kings and John's choral scholars we always won RIP Scotty