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  1. Quick query. I have just been booked to play a concert of Christmas pieces in December on a small classical organ. It would be lovely if it had a Cymbelstern, but it doesn't. Can anyone point me towards a downloadable MP3 for a Cymbelstern that might be pressed into service, or even one of those tinkly ones Carlo Curley used to have on his console. I appreciate this is utterly naff, but, hey, its (nearly) Christmas. Many thanks M
  2. Many thanks - I have sent you an e - mail off board with my contact details. Regards M
  3. I am trying, without success, to get a copy of this organ transcription for a programme of light music I have been asked to play next year. I have seen it programmed occasionally, and know that Roger Molyneux had a copy years ago, but all attempts to get a copy draw a blank. Any offers or suggestions ? Kind regards, MAB
  4. This is always a good topic. Carl Jung used to paint a mandala at the beginning of each day to assess the state of his soul. I compile my Desert Island Discs each month for similar reasons. Most of them stay the same but a few change, reflecting new discoveries and enthusiasms. My list is a mixture of music I love in 'absolute' terms, and music that holds special memories for me, as follows. Mahler 3rd symphony ; Bernstein My love of classical music undoubtedly started when, as a very young child, I would lie in bed and listen to my father (a great Mahlerian) playing his reco
  5. I know this is an easy target to hit, but I did want to share a recent experience with the board as it crystallised so many of the problems we seem to face when wishing to be taken seriously as musicians. It is many years since I last played for a wedding. Having given up my full time organist's job and started a family, and having been given the run - around by too many brides over the years, I decided that I valued the time with my family at weekends far more than the fee. However, I was recently asked to play for a wedding at my local church. After some consideration I agreed to p
  6. Thank you for these very helpful responses ; much appreciated. Kind regards, MB
  7. I have recently discovered, with great pleasure, the Kuhnau Bibilical Sonatas and am enjoying learning the Fourth. I am broadly aware of the programme of the piece, but as my Medieval German is not all that it might be, can anyone let me have translations for the exact texts as they appear in each movement ? I would be very grateful for any assistance as, I am sure, would my future audiences. Kind regards, M
  8. MAB

    Changing tastes

    This is a very interesting subject, and I can think of lots of ways in which it has informed my tastes over the years, and not just in music. Sometimes it has been a landmark performance that has 'opened the doors'. Sometimes it is just one's tastes changing with maturity. Sometimes someone else's enthusiasm can help release something in me. Let me give some examples of all of these. In music, I never used to see what all the fuss was about over Mozart, until in quick succession I heard a performance of the Clarinet Quintet which, literally, left me shaking with tears and laughte
  9. I do not know which pieces Peter Hurford recorded at New College, although it should not be difficult to find out, but I can mention that Graham Barber made a recording at New College of music by Johann Nepomuk David which would have been in the mid to late 1970s. I imagine that this is pretty a much a rarity now, and only on vinyl, but I remember it as a tremendous recording of some very fine repertoire that deserves to be better known. Regards M
  10. Dear colleagues, Many thanks for these most helpful suggestions ; I feel quite overwhelmed by the number of venues proposed. At the moment the choir seems to be closing in on the City of London School for Boys, but I will certainly bear these suggestions in mind. The choir is often on the lookout for new venues for this type of project, so it may well be that we come back to one or more of these in the future. Kind regards, M
  11. Just to add my contribution to this thread, earlier this year I was lucky enough to play in the Sunday afternoon series at St Paul's. The music staff could not have been more kind and welcoming to me, from my first contact about 9 months before, until the actual weekend. I was welcomed to the console and told to stay there pretty much as long as I wanted into the evening. A model of how it should be done. By contrast, I found the staff 'on the floor' to be abrupt and off - putting on several occasions, challenging me when I went downstairs to the toilet and almost turning my friends
  12. Dear Colleagues, Here is a challenge for you ! I have been asked to accompany a choir in a recording of James Whitbourn's Missa Carolae. If, like me, you have not come across this before, it was written in 2004 for Midnight Mass at Rochester Cathedral. The mass is set to the tunes of well known carols. The organ part is conceived for a fairly large parish church / cathedral organ with, in particular, a prominent part for a solo reed. We are looking for a suitable recording venue, but as it is an amateur (but extremely good) choir, there are some fairly tight restrictions,
  13. MAB

    Bourges Cathedral

    Just to let readers know that I have now got in touch with the organist at Bourges and received a most warm reply inviting me to play the organ on my visit. An excellent example, if I may say, of the collegiate warmth of this board, and of the welcome we receive from our brothers overseas. M
  14. MAB

    Bourges Cathedral

    Dear David and AJJ Many thanks for these most helpful replies. I am already drooling in anticipation ! I will let you know how I get on. thanks again, M
  15. I will be visiting the eastern side of the Loire this year and very much want to visit Bourges Cathedral. It is one of the few 'premier league' French cathedrals that I have not visited, and from looking at photographs on the web it looks magnificent. Does anyone know anything of the organ ? I have a vague memory of an acquaintance playing there some years ago, which suggests it is a fine instrument. I have also found a CD on the internet which suggests that the instrument is Classical rather than modern. If possible, can anyone suggest how I might approach to ask if I could play th
  16. I had never really come across the Crucifixion until I got involved with it around 15 years ago, playing it one year, then conducting it the next. I went into the project thinking that I would snigger my way through the Victoriana, but came out the other side with a considerable respect for the craftsmanship, sensitivity, and sheer power of the music to move. It does, though, require a really good performance and soloists to make it work convincingly. m
  17. Does anyone have Colm Carey's e - mail address as I would like to contact him. I have tried Google but his website seems to have been taken over by Mariah Carey. If so, perhaps a personal e - mail off board would be the way to proceed. Many thanks if you can help. M
  18. Thank you for asking. We originally looked at High Wycombe Parish Church but could not match the church's diary with that of the orchestra. We looked further afield, although local support for the band meant that the conductor did not want to stray very far from the High Wycombe area. After some scouting around, we settled on All Saints Marlow, the organ of which features on the present Mander website, being a Mander rebuild of a Willis organ, previously worked on by Comptons. I have not played the organ, but the conductor has, and says that it is a fine instrument which will h
  19. Dear Friends, Bit of a long shot, but worth a try. My choir, the Elysian Singers, is performing a concert of 20th Century choral music at St Peter's Eaton Square, Victoria on Saturday evening at 7.45pm. I am accompanying the choir on the rather spectacular Kenneth Jones organ in Walton's Coronation Te Deum and The Twelve. Here is the link http://www.elysiansingers.com/concert.html Unfortunately, my page turner has fallen by the wayside. If anyone fancies coming to the concert, they can be assured of some very classy music making (at any rate from the choir).
  20. About 20 years ago, when I was young, carefree and single (and living in East London) I went to Cambridge several years in a row and queued for the Carol Service. It is a really marvellous thing to do and I would recommend it to anyone so minded. We did not have to get there madly early ; about 9.00 was fine, which got us to a point in the queue just inside the front gate. There is a very convivial atmosphere in the queue, rather like the Proms, and if you go with a party you can take it in turns to wander off and look round the book and CD shops. The queue starts to move in at a
  21. Many thanks for these most helpful suggestions. Plenty there I can work with. M
  22. Dear all, I hope you will excuse me if I amble slightly off piste as I believe the expression is. I have been asked to prepare a lunchtime programme of around 40 minutes of music for keyboard (could be organ, piano or (electronic) harpsichord), tenor and oboe. Obviously, there is a wealth of material for tenor alone, and oboe alone, and I have also found some Blake songs for Tenor and Oboe solo by RVW. These would be particularly appropriate as the concert is in my home town of Dorking, with it strong Vaughan Williams connections. I would be very grateful, however, if anyone
  23. Ah - why didn't I think of that. m
  24. I was in the organ loft of Notre Dame a week or two ago and saw, rather worryingly, that there was a foot piston labelled 'SOS'. It was clearly different from the sequencer advance piston, labelled 'SEQ'. Any suggestions ? Incidentally, if any members have played at Notre Dame (and I think a few have), could they kindly let me know if there is a sequencer advance thumb piston under the keyboards. I know there is one on the right hand stop jamb for an assistant, but I could not see one actually within the player's reach. Many thanks. m
  25. Bit of a shot in the dark here. I have been invited to play the Poulenc concerto with a string orchestra based in the High Wycombe area. The conductor has asked if I know of an appropriate venue in the area with a suitable organ and I wondered if any local board member might be able to come up with some suggestions. All leads gratefully followed. Many thanks, M
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