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  1. Regarding technical specs of the Hannover instrument: Do not trust the german sources to much, even the interviewed organist mixes up the date of build (1902/1904). Schulte organ builders (near Cologne) have quite a reputation for importing English organs, sometimes redesigning them technically and optically. Some references given here: http://www.orgelbau-schulte.de/de/htmls/england_amerika.htm and on the home page http://www.orgelbau-schulte.de/ they say that they can rely on a pool of about 50 english/american instruments. And they definitely argue with the financial benefits
  2. Another one now inaugurated in Hannover area: https://www.orgelbau-huefken.de/aktuelle-projekte/hannover.html News report, images, and a brief video (after some advertising....) In his short statement the organist points out the organs' capability to accompany choirs very well. http://www.haz.de/Hannover/Aus-den-Stadtteilen/Sued/Suedstadt-Nazarethkirche-hat-neue-Orgel
  3. Interesting thoughts and ideas here. In Germany there are several compositions in print, which more or less successfully try to generate encounters for young audiences with pipe organs. They may appear as short musicals, stuff like "Peter and the Wolf" etc. A more recent activity was started following the listing of German organ building etc. as immaterial UNESCO world heritage. A small foundation around Jäger & Brommer organ builders runs the "Königskinder" project. The name (king's children) refers to the children of the King of Instruments. This project supports organists, parishes
  4. Here is some good news, which may encourage this forum, too: As announced yesterdy, it became possible for the manager of the named second german forum to migrate it to SSL encryption and to update the software. This was made possible by a donation. May all organ fora prosper in 2019!
  5. Hello everybody! After three years break, I am writing a contribution again.... I want to let you know that the provider of the second largest german-speaking forum (orgel-information) has announced to close down, as some work to be done regarding the need of https-encryption doesn't seem to him worth the effort anymore, as his forum has fallen into sort-of sleep, too. The dominant german forum (pfeifenorgelforum) is still busy, but also sees times of very little activity, and it is quite fascinating that one can't find any cause or pattern responsible for that. Facebook might be an issue
  6. Percussive it really is/was.... pc, what do you think was first? The inspiration by the new chamades? Or has Cocherau always been the guy to use hammering "raddaddaddatt" motives, and did he install what he needed to express himself.....? I have much respect for him, as I would never dare to play in such a way. But someone has to. A pity that so many players tried to copy, but on much lower level, and then those sounds really get penetrating, as do so many of reed and chamade stops commissioned by such guys....
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