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  1. I see that Exeter Cathedral are advertising for an Assistant DoM in today's church Times. Does anyone know what's happening to David Davies?
  2. I still got that recording on a gramophone record. Still, I thin, the definitive performance.
  3. Kingsbrompton is indeed a lovely instrument. I've played it a couple of times and did some work on it a while back when I was helping Brian Verrier from Deane Organ Builders with tunings. Not a terribly exciting spec but it really works well. I think that the elderly lady who had played at the church for many years left her house to the parish and they are restoring the organ in her memory. I must go over again soon and have a look.
  4. Chris was also Chairman of the Bath & Wells Diocesan Choral Association and a past Chairman of Somerset Organists & Choirmasters Association. A fine player and teacher and a lovely guy. Condolences to Elizabeth and his family. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.
  5. Is this, perchance, the Miniatura which was sold on Ebay (from Chagford, in Devon) a couple of years ago? I bid on that but was unsuccessful and subsequently bought a rather wonderful Aeolian rebuilt by Davies.
  6. I love some of the old Latin titles which still persist - ie Informator Choristarum and Rector Chori.
  7. I notice that the DOM post at Crediton is advertised in this week's Church Times. Does anyone know where Steven Martin is going?
  8. If you are in touch with Paul, please pass on my congratulations best wishes. He helped my greatly with the purchase and moving of my house organ. Nigel
  9. I hope so. In my church, the old girl (1934 Hele rebuild of an 1850s Hill/Hamlin) is pretty stable, but the humidity yesterday inside the organ was 41% - it's normally nearer 70%. No real problems other than the tuning of the Cornopean, but I even have some ciphers/sticky notes on the house organ which is direct electric action. Humidity in the house is around 40%.
  10. Indeed, wonderful to see this programme again.
  11. Perhaps a lot of what we consider to be 'bad' organs are those which someone has attempted, unsuccessfully, to change into something which the original builder never envisaged. A lot of 'four square' English organs built in C19 were hacked about in the 60's & 70's to introduce neo-baroque upperwork which often sits very uncomfortably with the foundation stops. Just my two-pennorth. N
  12. This site lists some redundant organs in the UK: http://www.ibo.co.uk/IBO2005/services/redundant/redundantMain.asp The organ is likely to be very cheap - even free - but the cost of a skilled organ builder is where most of the cost lies. It might be worth you talking to the firm who look after your existing organ. They are likely to know of suitable organs in your area and will also be able to give you an estimate of costs. If you have a good relationship with your organ builder, they may be willing to let your church provide some volunteer muscle to dismantle, pack and move the organ under their supervision which will save your church a lot of money. It goes without saying that you need a faculty in the C of E (or similar in other churches) and you must involve the Diocesan Organ Advisor. A reputable organ builder - such as our Host - will be able to advise you. Remember that an organ is a long-term investment for the church, and it's false economy to act without professional advice. There are hundreds of worthwhile organs around - Good luck! N
  13. The west gallery can be a mixed blessing - heat rises, so I can keep warm, but in my last church, it put the organ out of tune whilst the congregation 20 feet below me were freezing. N
  14. Indeed! MP has two liturgical uses: a) Propping up the organ bench and firing the church boiler N
  15. The chap who runs this place http://www.bakelitemuseum.co.uk/index.htm near to me in West Somerset would probably be able to give you chapter and verse about Bakelite and may have some Compton artefacts in his collection. From memory, the consoles of Compton's pipe and electronic organs had a switch with a brass plate and a large bakelite knob. N
  16. nigel parkin

    Roger Yates

    The Stogursey organ is indeed a fine instrument. The regular organist is a friend of mine and I have had the pleasure of playing it occasionally. The pedal 8' flute is something of a mystery. There would appear to be plenty of room on the jamb to add another stop control for one of the 16' stops, and use the vacated space for a drawstop for the flute. As it is, the pistons don't include this stop and is easy to forget that it is drawn. The organ is superb for the baroque repertoire, but less effective for the romantic school, lacking as it does, any strings. As VH commented, it sounds best in the chancel and sanctuary area, and it can be very hard to see and hear the congregation in the nave. As a point of interest, has anyone else experienced the ghostly presence of the former monks of Lonlay who can be 'felt' processing from the vestry into the old chancel, particularly during the singing of the psalms?
  17. I can't add much more to what you alrerady know, other than to post this link (which you may have already seen) to his entries on NPOR: http://www.npor.org.uk/cgi-bin/ESearch.cgi? http://www.npor.org.uk/cgi-bin/NPORSearch.cgi? There is an excellent small example of his work local to me at West Buckland, Somerset http://www.npor.org.uk/cgi-bin/Rsearch.cgi...ec_index=B00126 N
  18. Hi Graham, I have taken the liberty of cross posting this to another board with a particular interest in rehoming organs at risk. The board owner has asked me to invite you to join so that people may contact you about this organ. The link is http://www.organmatters.com/index.php/topi...sg4801.html#new Many thanks, N
  19. Hi Simon, The old Norwich organs were built with a really solid and comfortable console, and many had drawstops rather than tabs. But, the early organs now sound very dated. Having said that, they are good for home use and the console can be used as the basis of a rebuild with modern sound generating systems. Good hymn books are English Hymnal and Ancient & Modern Revised. You can often pick a full music copy up for peanuts in charity shops. I can probably find you one if you PM me. Regards, Nigel
  20. There are quite a few ranks on Ebay at the moment. I know nothing about them, but it seems like an organbuilder or a church is selling off a complete organ in parts. N
  21. I hope it's not too off topic to ask whether any company is offering a ready made Hauptwerk organ or can sell a kit to adapt an existing non-midi toaster console to run the system.
  22. All our thoughts and prayers are with you, your families, friends and colleagues at this terrible time. Words seem very inadequate, but we are with you in spirit and pray for you as you begin to rebuild your city and your lives.
  23. I've just read through this thread quickly, so apologies if I'm repeating something which has already been mentioned. Compton's rebuilt an organ originally by Lincoln (1811) in St Pancras Church in West Bagborough, Somerset. The organ boasts a magnificent case on the west gallery and is completely enclosed. Compton added a second division, making the organ into a 2 manual, leaving the original Lincoln as an Echo division. The tracker action is light and a pleasure to play - albeit without much depth of touch. The whole is a simply beautiful instrument. I believe that the organ in All Saint's, Weston-super-Mare is also a Compton, and very similar to Downside. The DOM is Christopher Manners, formerly MD of Percy Daniel & Co. Re Downside, I remember Roger Taylor (he was formerly R&D but not Compton as far as I know) telling me many years ago of the problems he had sourcing replacement bulbs for the illuminated stop knobs. Hope this helps.
  24. In my experience, the church normally have a fee which is agreed by the PCC. The organist is usually consulted and can decline to accept the fee (and the wedding) if the fee is thought to be insufficient. I deputise, and am usually asked by the Incumbent and/or the couple what my fee is. Around here, there is some disparity between churches, with fees ranging between £50 and £80 for a 'normal' wedding. Funeral fees are the same as for weddings. N
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