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  1. I've found for you an interesting recording from the International Congress of Organists 1957, in which the (Green) organ is put through its paces, stop by stop, by the then organist W. John Dyer, who also speaks about it at great length. Link expires in seven days. https://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?acti...3dWNGR0ZFQlE9PQ
  2. Correct - not least because I mistyped 'fascinating' into the bargain.
  3. Faschinating because it's Reginald Foort, that's why!
  4. I only know of two LPs of Foort playing 'serious' organ music, namely two very ancient 10 inch LPs from Symphony Hall, Boston. This recording of the Finale of Reubke's Sonata on the 94th Psalm is fascinating and I had to share it: https://download.yousendit.com/TTZtQmtXRSt3NUpFQlE9PQ
  5. I inadvertently left one item off the previous downloads, RVW's Bryn Calfaria Prelude, so it is included here. Also, for the sake of completeness, the second (and much more accurate) recording of the Elgar Sonata, which I hope a few scratches won't ruin. https://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?acti...SbEFsamRjR0E9PQ
  6. There are further recordings of Darke on Amphion CD PHI 210, recordings made at the International Congress of Organists in 1957 in London (from which the Elgar Sonata recording is taken). This CD is worth acquiring: he plays his own Fantasy as well as Parry's Fantasia and Fugue in G and Howells' Fugue, Chorale and Epilogue (from Six Pieces). Ralph Downes, John Dykes Bower and Francis Jackson are also represented and there is a speech by Willam McKie. Amphion also issued recordings of Darke from the 1920s. The National Sound Archive even has a recording of Darke at the Festival Hall, so one ca
  7. My pleasure and thank you for your comments! I'm pleased that Darke's playing still finds appreciation today. I wish I had the missing LP which would complete the collection - a Bach LP on Pilgrim JLP 139. There he plays the Fantasia and Fugue in G Minor, Prelude and Fugue in G BWV 541, Prelude and Fugue B Minor, the Gigue Fugue and some Chorale Preludes.
  8. The legendary British organist Harold Darke made few recordings, but this selection complements the Amphion CD release. This selection is made up of the two Delta LPs which he made (at age 77!) ca. 1965, shortly before his retirement from St. Michael's Cornhill, where he had been organist for fifty years. Instead of the Elgar organ sonata from the Delta LP, I have incl. the live perf. from a Mirrosonic LP, made during the International Congress of Organists in London, 1957. It is not as accurate as the Delta version (mine has too many scratches), but represents Darke 'live'. Also inclu
  9. Thank you very much for your suggestions, which I will follow. I do have the Amphion CDs and I also have seen what is held at the National Sound Archive (which includes BBC material). It is really private recordings for which I am looking, in case anybody has any. But I realise that this sort of thing will be difficult to find.
  10. Hello, I would be grateful for any help anyone might be able to offer me: I am trying to locate certain recordings for thesis research which are now very difficult to find. As I live in Austria, the chances of finding second hand copies of these are extremely remote! I keep checking Ebay but so far no luck. The records are: Harold Darke on two Pilgrim LPs JLP 139 and JLP 140 International Congress of Organists 1957 on Mirrosonic: there were several volumes of this, but I am looking for just two: Darke's recital, Dykes Bower's recital and the service recordings. I have some rare recordings o
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