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  1. Improvised Sortie Excerpt - Florence Duomo 10 Dec 2017 Here's a link to the improvised Sortie after the Sunday morning Gregorian Mass in December 2017. Taken the morning after the inaugural concert with Latry playing the Poulenc Concerto. Sounded absolutely spectacular.
  2. I'm not sure if this scene from Daredevil (2003) has made it on here yet, but from 7.50 onwards is one of the more imaginative settings for a climactic fight scene. Impressive pipe-metal... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=867YYGk7v1U...feature=related
  3. 4M T.C. Lewis at St Paul's Cathedral Melbourne.
  4. Jean Guillou plays the Reubke at St. Sulpice Recorded live in 1978 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVS8o5-F6Pc J
  5. Handel/W.T. Best - Overture to the Occasional Oratorio [Complete] Sydney Town Hall The March (the final 2 1/2 mins) demonstrates the unusual 'chorus-reed' colour of the Tubas, and the "blaze" effect of the 16'8'4 battery capping full organ.
  6. Pierre Cochereau playing the Widor at an absolutely superb tempo on the original Cavaille-Coll/Mutin in 1959. Clocked at 6:50 flat, it's slower than Widor's own recording. Just compare it to the later Philips recording at 4:42!
  7. Here's a stunning Youtube video (audio-only) of Yves Devernay at Notre-Dame improvising a sortie for Easter Sunday Mass, straight after the conclusion of Handel's Hallelujah Chorus. It seems out of the four titulaires, Devernay was the true successor of Cochereau.
  8. Here's a recently added video of Sydney City Organist Robert Ampt demonstrating the Sydney Town Hall to our good host. Demonstrates: Solo Tubas Full Swell Full Great Full Organ Mutations (Great Twelfth and Echo Glockenspiel) Great, Swell and Pedal Mixtures 64' Contra Trombone 32' Contra Posaune Love the cathedral roll in the empty hall!
  9. I thought I might open this subject for discussion, since I don't believe it has been a thread on this board, as of yet. In your opinion, what is the greatest piece of organ music written by a British composer? This extends from the Robertsbridge Codex to the contrapuntal masterwork that might have been composed last week in a pub in Staffordshire. My choice goes to Elgar's Sonata in G Op.28, which I predict will be a contender in the majority of people's opinions. That said, the often surprising diversity of opinion is one of the most notable charac teristics of the Mander Board commu
  10. I know it's not exactly a 'lesser-known' Town Hall, but on the subject - Have there been any serious proposals for dealing with the Manchester Town Hall Cavaille-Coll in recent years? Having visited it for the first time in January (currently resident in Sydney) I was struck by how magnificent the case is within the Hall (The NPOR photo really does it no justice) - How much of the Cavaille-Coll pipework has survived in amongst the Lewis and Jardine? --------------------------- Incidentally, with regard to Town Halls around the colonies, (I can think of one not-exactly-obscure examp
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