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  1. Improvised Sortie Excerpt - Florence Duomo 10 Dec 2017 Here's a link to the improvised Sortie after the Sunday morning Gregorian Mass in December 2017. Taken the morning after the inaugural concert with Latry playing the Poulenc Concerto. Sounded absolutely spectacular.
  2. I'm not sure if this scene from Daredevil (2003) has made it on here yet, but from 7.50 onwards is one of the more imaginative settings for a climactic fight scene. Impressive pipe-metal... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=867YYGk7v1U...feature=related
  3. 4M T.C. Lewis at St Paul's Cathedral Melbourne.
  4. Jean Guillou plays the Reubke at St. Sulpice Recorded live in 1978 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVS8o5-F6Pc J
  5. If we're including open flutes - The Gt. Hohl Flute on the Norman & Beard at Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle.
  6. There is an interesting little 1893 Atterton organ in a Benedictine monastery in Sydney, with some remarkable casework. Atterton Organ - Arcadia Monastery
  7. It's a mislabelled track. I fell into the same trap. If you buy the track labelled Sonata Giocosa Op 62: Cadenza (Track 11 of the same CD) you'll have the Bairstow Impromptu. It's published in the Fanfare for Francis album put out by Banks in 2007 - which comes with a recording of JSW playing it at the Minster.
  8. http://www.solstice-music.com/caddie/detai...?id_art=27& Langlais recorded it for Solstice at St Clotilde. It clocks in at about 180bpm by my metronome.
  9. Handel/W.T. Best - Overture to the Occasional Oratorio [Complete] Sydney Town Hall The March (the final 2 1/2 mins) demonstrates the unusual 'chorus-reed' colour of the Tubas, and the "blaze" effect of the 16'8'4 battery capping full organ.
  10. I wish to inform the board of the passing of Mervyn J. Byers on 2nd March 2011 at the age of 86 in Blackheath, NSW. Organist - St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney 1957-1965 Organist - Selby Abbey 1966-76, 1980-87
  11. It was apparently Whitlock's preferred organ for recordings. Some of the recordings are on Youtube
  12. This video demonstrates the capabilities of the 'Alexander Stadium' 18' Concert Grand(!!)
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