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  1. Hello You could have the pipe trays with oboe & 4' rank for £100. There are seven trays in total.
  2. Having to vacate my store within next two weeks and have pipework & trays to dispose of to good home. 7 or 8 Renatus made trays, small & medium, plus an oboe rank (Bishop), a 4' spotted flue rank, and several fruit boxes containing mixture pipes (Hele & Hill), plus other organ odds & ends. Am in Devizes.
  3. Have a 1/4HP Discus blower in cabinet, with attached slide valve. Nice quiet unit, not now needed. Needs sleeve renewing between fan outlet and inside of cabinet. Thinking £250 if anyone interested.
  4. Free to good home: set of Open Diapason pipes from a Bishop swell organ. With wooden bass octave (narrow scale open pipes with roller beards). Presently in good condition, metal pipes stored in trays, but please bring own boxes. Located in Devizes, Wiltshire. Peter Munro (07502 209060)
  5. S/hand 8' metal gedackt wanted, from tenor C. Moderate scale or perhaps smaller.
  6. The downside of BIOS is that there are lots of unqualified but well-meaning individuals clambering around inside organs, disturbing the tuning and leaving a trail of bent pipes behind them. PM
  7. Thanks for this. I'll try to get a copy. PM
  8. Thanks for that considered reply. Yes, it could well be for a particular project, where space is tight. I have made them in the past and used them successfully, utilising weights, and the results have been good. Your 'rule of thumb', relating the volume of the rise to the volume of the pallet box presents a sort of logical relationship, so thanks for that also.
  9. Thanks for all those interesting replies. Unfortunately, I was not referring to inboard Schwimmers but rather a reservoir (remote from the soundboard) having a floating pan instead of ribs - one often sees older double rise bellows converted to this type, presumably because it is less expensive than re-leathering the original. My original question in regard to this was in relation to calculation of size. I have seen quite small reservoirs of this type supplying quite large divisions, although with internal disc valves controlling the input of wind from the blower - presumably because these are faster acting than an external roller blind or guillotine. Sorry if I didn't make myself clear in the previous post. PM
  10. As an alternative to traditional bellows types, one often meets with what I call the 'floating pan' reservoir. I understand that there are several names for this type of reservoir and some even call it Schwimmer type, I believe. We all know that the use of adequate electric blowers has tended to relegate the reservoir to more the role of a regulator. In this connection, I'd be interested to know if, and how, the size of such reservoirs can be equated to the 'stop value' of an organ. Also, what part the choice of wind valves plays in any such calculations; that is, whether an inboard valve (inside the reservoir) or external slide or roller valve. All views and comments are most welcome. Thanks.
  11. Burning also neutralises locally the acid in the timber, which attacks the pipe metal, especially where oak is used.
  12. Having been used to heated irons for scorching upperboards, etc, I was interested to see that one American builder uses special high-speed bits for doing this. Wonder if any English builder is familiar with this method and the design of such bits? Going back to a much earlier post about electric solderings irons, John Mander hinted that he might have a s/h Laukhuff iron for sale. If that's still the case, I'd be pleased to hear back from him about this. PM
  13. Thanks. I'll try to find out more. PM
  14. Would be interested to know of any 1/4HP blowers for sale, in good order. CFM requirement for organ intended is in the region of 275. P.M.
  15. Many thanks, I'll investigate the Laukhuff irons. Peter Munro
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