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  1. William Albright

    Mmm - German is not one of my strong points. I am struglling with it and I need it (seriously) later in the year. I looked up a dictionary and yes it means Dance Macabre. I went and found the score and it is titled "Jig for Feet - (Totentanz)". As the MM is for dotted crotchets at 120, it really is anything but macabre. So I am wondering if this is William's little joke.
  2. William Albright

    Totendanz - without looking at the name - meaning "Toe Dance" - was the last piece I learnt, I also have a piece called Sweet Sixteenths - a rag for organ in the style of Joplin - both pieces good for encores. Gympie
  3. William Albright

    I have some Albright and enjoy playing it - it isn't cheap - can you tell me how much these pieces cost.