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Reluctant organist! I began life as a 'cellist! RCM/Cambridge - Ph. D., M.A., M.Phil. M.Mus RCM, A.R.C.M. I'm also, it appears, a 'distinguished' member of the RCM having been awarded F.R.C.M. As a 'cellist played in most major concert halls in Europe and the UK. I no longer play for my living. I am the last English student of Pablo Casals.

Took to playing the organ about 40 years ago and ran a hugely successful adult church choir singing weekly in our tiny little Abbey but broadcasting and regular visitors to the 'Met' in Liverpool. Visits to Paris (Notre Dame, St Etienne du Mont) and Rome (St. Peter's, San Clementi, SS Paulo et Petri and a private audience with St. JPII). We even sang a Palestrina Mass (Missa Papae Marcelli)in the cathedral at Palestrina!! It was fun while it lasted!!

Most people on here know who I am. Message me and I will always respond! 

I'll try not to be too acerbic - but if I am, put it down to my Yorkshire roots and my no-nonsense approach to a subject that I feel passionately about - and tell me!!

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